Who is it in the WGUC studio? It’s that girl Lay Lay!

To her music fans and 1.3 million Instagram followers, 15-year-old Alaya High is This girl is lying down, an energetic rapper and social media star who turned her music video success into a starring role in a Nickelodeon series.

But to her friends, she is only Alaya.

“They know I don’t like being called Lay Lay,” the actress told Cincinnati Public Radioof Brittany Mayti during a visit to the resort this week.

“‘Lay Lay’ is really my nickname, and now it’s my stage name. I just hear it all day. So I say (to my friends): ‘Don’t call me that!’ “

The Houston native came to Cincinnati to promote the second season of her hit Nickelodeon series, which airs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday night. She hadn’t anticipated the mid-October cold snap in the Midwest.

“I didn’t come prepared!” she told Mayti, social media coordinator for WVXU and WGUC, and a fan of the TV show.

On Nickelodeon, Lay Lay is an avatar of a personal affirmation app that magically comes to life when teenage Sadie (Gabrielle Nevaeh Green) wishes for a shooting star. Lay Lay comes to life in each episode to help Sadie experience “what it’s like to be a real teenager” – playing dress-up, making friendship bracelets and eating boxed cheese, she says.

Alaya described herself to Mayti as a “bubbly, very confident little person…with great energy.”

She has been writing, rapping and singing since the age of 5. At age 11, she became the youngest rapper to sign a record deal with Empire Distribution in 2018 with her debut single, “Go, Lay Lay, Go,” and danced to the Ellen Degeneres To display. His music videos garner millions of views, with his smash hits”Momand “Supersize XL” having racked up more than 100 million views on YouTube to date between the two, according to his Nickelodeon biography.

In 2019, she performed at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and made her acting debut in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

“I knew I wanted to perform very soon, but when I started it was kind of hard… so I kind of lost my confidence and didn’t want to do it anymore,” she says. “Then a year or two later I ended up having my own TV show.”

Alaya also spoke about the appeal of This girl is lying; gave advice to budding young performers; discussed his models; and described his “passion project” after the second season aired on Nickelodeon and Netflix.

Cincinnati Public Radio


Alaya High chats with Brittany Mayti at a Cincinnati Public Radio studio on Tuesday.

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