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Love On The Spectrum is back on Netflix. The cast members are active on Instagram and it’s time to share their IG details with fans.

by netflix Love on the spectrum returned for Season 2 on September 21, and it’s time to let fans know where the cast members can be found on Instagram. Viewers praised the show on an array of social media platforms. The program follows young Australian singles who are autistic as they try to be successful in the dating game.

This series differs from other Netflix dating shows, such as Too hot to handle it and Love is blindbecause it focuses on the more innocent elements of finding romantic relationships. Plus, it provides neurotypicals with insight into the joys and difficulties autistic people experience when seeking love.

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Season 2 sees the return of some of Love on the spectrum season 1, featuring engaged couple Jimmy Berresford and Sharnae Furner, giving viewers a glimpse of the show’s very first wedding. This season has also welcomed new cast members, with many dates of all genres. The series shows how autism and sexual orientation can overlap. Season 3 has yet to be confirmed, so the best way to keep up to date with the cast and their relationships is through Instagram. See the cast members who are on IG below:

Michel thomas

fan favorite Michael of Love on the spectrum seasons 1 and 2 currently have 22.9,000 subscribers and he is the most followed of all actors. Throughout both seasons, the unique and charming actor Michael has spoken extensively about his love for Germany, England and formal wear, and his passions are portrayed in his Instagram feed. During this season, Michael has a few dates with Heather and they meet their families. However, things in between ultimately don’t work out. Even if Michael didn’t find love on the show, he posted an Instagram with a girl named Emily, calling her “the sun is shining.Fans then wondered if she was a friend or something more. See this post below:

Teo (Teodora) Tish

A newcomer in season 2 is 22 years old Teo, who had never had a date before the show. As a model, much of her Instagram is dedicated to her various shoots and makeup, as well as a few BTS photos from the shoot of the dating show. Love on the spectrum. Throughout the show, Teo takes the opportunity to explore his sexuality, dating both men and women. She ended up meeting and going out with Rosie. At the end of the season, the two agreed to take things slow. However, Rosie said she is now just friends with his ex. Teo is very open on her Instagram, so this is the best place for fans to see her dating updates.

Chloe hatch

In addition to being on the autism spectrum, Chloe is deaf. As she states in her Instagram bio, I am Autistic, Deaf and cannot speak correctly: the complete package”. Her Instagram is dedicated to her various makeup looks, but like Teo, she also posts on the show. Chloe was very present in Season 1. This season she returned mainly because she was dating Mark Radburn, another returning favorite from Season 1.

Fans were overjoyed to hear that she and Michael were boyfriend and girlfriend. However, at the end of the season, they agreed to be just platonic buddies. In fact, her most recent post is a meme poking fun at her and Michael for looking like Wallace and Lady Campanula from Wallace and Gromit. It was this self-deprecating humor that made her popular with fans.

Kassandra Nieass

As seen on the show, Kassandra has a passion for cosplay, something that features heavily on her Instagram feed. In reality, Kassandra has a second account dedicated to his different characters and looks. Her personal account documents some BTS photos from the show, and she shared an endearing photo of herself and Teo on set. Jimmy and Sharnae are not active on IG, according to Fuzzy reality, and neither Ronan Soussa, Mark and Jayden Evans, but Jimmy may be using the unverified account, @jimmyberresford. Be sure to follow the show’s alumni to stay in the Love on the spectrum loop.

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Sources: Michel thomas/ Instagram, Rosie/ Instagram, Chloe hatch/ Instagram

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