Where are Sean Tizzle, Orezi, Lil Kesh?

Many fans of afro beat music stars Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele popularly known as Sean Tizzle and his counterparts Esegine Allen otherwise known as Orezi and Keshinro Ololade also known as Lil Kesh , asked about their whereabouts and whether they had indeed become their back against the music as speculated.

They rocked the music scene a few years ago but suddenly disappeared from the entertainment industry and their fans are worried about the downturn that has greeted their music career.

Sean Tizzle rocked the music scene with popular hot songs including Shole and Loke Loke while Lil Kesh, formerly under Olamide’s YBNL Records, was one of the artists who redefined the new generation of Afro-pop in industry, but we haven’t heard much about it. him since he left YBNL.

R understood that Orezi, on the other hand, has been delighting fans for a few years and rocked many shows with his Ghen Ghen style of music. He rose to prominence with his hit song, Rihanna in 2013 and remained relevant for a few years after, but he seems to have fallen apart over the past four years.

Like Sean Tizzle, Orezi tried to come back this year with the track Kiss Me, but he’s since realized he doesn’t have the same influence he did a few years ago.

Tizzle hasn’t released a new song in three years and has remained silent on his Instagram and Twitter where artists usually update their fans on their activities, including new songs and tours.

Information gathered by R suggests that Tizzle is currently in the United States and may be planning a big comeback next year.

The same couldn’t be said for Orezi, as his team believe he never quit the music scene, but only assumed a position where he doesn’t have to constantly drop songs to show that it remains relevant.

A music industry actor tells R that Lil Kesh has what it takes to stay on top of his game, but he seems to have relaxed due to the fame and money he has. has won through its shows and concerts over the years.

Lil Kesh however stated that he is trying to rediscover and recreate his art and will be releasing in a big way next year.


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