When “Likes” can also help with recruiting, Adrian’s offseason work, and more

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June is moving away from us, and we’re just a month away from Big Ten media days, with Husker’s fall camp starting a few snaps after that.

This college football summer is moving quickly thanks to a busy recruiting month, and that will only accelerate here with Nebraska playing in week 0. That doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate some thoughts in the process. road. We can. We will do it.

Let’s start with something that I heard coaches talk about at the three Big Red Blitz events I attended last week: the topic of Name, Image, and Likeness. Nebraska coaches are not running away from it. They look at it wisely. Fans shouldn’t fall asleep on it either, including its connection to recruiting.

It’s here. That is true. There are good reasons Husker coaches would insist on the NIL topic. For starters, it’s inevitably a wet part of the conversation from here on out, with July 1 being a turning point as laws come into effect in six states giving athletes NIL rights, and the NCAA scrambles to put its own legislation in place. Outperform your competition or get left behind.

Safer the NCAA rush here. There are complexities – “a game changer”, like defensive backs coach Husker Travis Fisher called – but there is a simple part of this that we can grasp right now. Nebraska fans, even with all the tough times, are crazy. And, as a longtime Nebraskan, I mean that out of kindness in this case. Or at least advantageously. They go crazy if Kirk Herbstreit says the 1995 squad isn’t the best ever, and they go crazy making sure a Husker engagement wins an internet poll declaring him the best player in his region. , and they go crazy when the rookies mention that they watch the Huskers.

Maybe some could take it down a notch, of course, and maybe one day they will realize who they are. But the bottom line is for rookies to quickly understand that there is potential to be a rock star in this state without professional sports teams. They see the attention they get just for saying they could visit, and can surely imagine what it would be like if they had a few bags on a Saturday in October as a Husker.

“It won’t be on a level playing field,” Fisher told Grand Island of the NIL impact. “And the reason I say that is because you have schools like Nebraska, right, that not only have the best fan base in college football. But the fans are actually linked to the college football. game. They know the players. When the players show up to Lincoln on recruiting visits, the first thing I hear is that someone has texted me on Twitter and said, “Welcome Lincoln. . How did they know I was here? ”I get it all the time and there are thousands of fans who do.

“And what that tells a kid now that NIL is a huge deal now is the name, the picture and the likeness… the likeness being part of that deal, Nebraska fans like me. They love me. So when I show up in town, I get 3,000 likes just for coming to town. When I get involved, because I had a great visit, it turned to 10,000 (I like). Now you have businesses that want to do business with kids that are popular. Well guess what? The fans made them popular. So this deal is perfect for a school like this, and the level of the playing field will not be the same. “

It might sound like an odd time in varsity athletics and it is, but that doesn’t mean no one remembers your name then – no matter what Jim Morrison told us.

Fisher’s point is well done. Nebraska has two big things they should put in every prospect’s mind: the Go Big setup and the NIL situation, and the command the Huskers think they have to allow their athletes to take advantage of it.

As for this installation?

“You look out the window and you see a tractor, then you look out and the whole trail is gone,” Fisher said. “This project is moving very fast, so the kids get to see it on campus as well.”

Defensive back rookie James mons made it clear that the facilities and the NIL room were the main topics of conversation during his weekend visit.

Wonder Monds ‘nephew, a former NU member of the’ 70s, said NU staff members spoke to him in detail about this NIL part and what it could mean.

“It marked a lot” James mons says Husker247. “Because they’re the only team in the state, I think if I go there and do what I’m supposed to do and follow in my uncle’s footsteps, I can make a lot of money for my family and for my brand. “

Times that change the game indeed. I’m not sure where we’re going, but make sure the arm bar is down.

There are other arguments the Huskers make to rookies that we don’t consider as much. Like the food.

“I think we spend the second most money in the country on food for our athletes,” said the Nebraska men’s basketball coach. Fred hoiberg. “It’s a huge part. We are traveling with a nutritionist. We are traveling with a sports scientist. We are the only team in the country that travels with a sports scientist. What he does is watch over him. the workload on the bodies. It’s amazing. “

Hoiberg and Fisher were both together at the Big Red Blitz event on Grand Island.

“I know Travis and I can attest to that,” Hoiberg said, “this year is a big year for both of us. We really want this to happen in both of our programs. I think we’re both ready for it. “

Two key football roster guys who have significantly changed their bodies during the 2021 offseason: Adrien martinez and Damion Daniels.

Those who followed the Spring Ball closely already knew this. But the QB was highlighted by Fisher when asked about the offensive side of the ball. He told the crowd that Martinez looked different. “I don’t know if he’s on a special diet or what’s going on with him, but he’s just working out, probably two to three times a day,” Fisher guessed.

Daniels adjusted, positioning himself for a heavier workload at the front tackle position. And Martinez has, according to some, got an extra half step of quickness, perhaps closer to that gust when he arrived in Nebraska. The games will show it all, but a defensive coach sees it.

Best tweet of the week? Give it to wide receiver Husker Levi Falck, wishing his mate to mess around ADRIAN Martinez for ESPN graphics error.

Fisher recounted how his defenders leave their cell phones at the door when they enter the room. He mentioned it last year, but he told fans why it stands out from him.

On the one hand, it is the veterans who enforce this. Not him. The players. And the younger guys are learning that’s the way it is. Why is this important for a coach?

“The same person who doesn’t pay attention to that note on cellphones is the same person who is going to go to the back instead of the front in special teams. It’s the same person,” said Fisher. . “That’s what I’m talking about. At first it starts with something small, then on Saturday it’s something big. You fix those little things in the program with some people, then the big mistakes start. to decrease. Then you start to win football matches with the same players as you. “

The Huskers have some business to work out before this road trip to Oklahoma, but it’s obviously a game with added significance given the history between the two programs.

The Sooners are among the top five teams. Maybe a top team. It sounds like a big task. Of course, a competitor chooses to see it another way.

“All of these are opportunities,” Fisher said of the upcoming 2021 schedule. “It’s an empty bag ready to be loaded with memories.”

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