What Yeardley Smith thinks of Lisa Simpson’s best songs


Every member of the Simpson family has a powerful connection to the series’ patriarch, Homer. Bart (Nancy Cartwright) opposes Homer but wants to be like him, Marge (Julie Kavner) is both exhausted and elated by her husband’s shenanigans, and little Maggie loves her father with reckless abandon. But Lisa’s relationship with Homer is special, because, despite how selfish and disappointingly sophomoric he can be, he is Lisa’s hero. And in truly brilliant “The Simpsons” fashion, the Season 4 episode “The Last Springfield Outing” shows Homer to be the type of hero he so often is – an accidental hero.

The episode centers on Lisa needing braces as Mr. Burns takes Homer and the rest of the nuclear power plant workers’ dental insurance. And as inept as he is, Homer becomes something of a union leader and helps reclaim dental insurance – with a little help from Lisa’s “Union Strike Folk Song”. It’s one of those full moments where Lisa believes in her father, and her conviction sees that they both rise above their own circumstances to wrest victory at the hands of defeat. Homer quits his job as union leader and Lisa receives braces.

Yeardley Smith revealed fans love Lisa’s song and the episode it was used in. “The ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ was a perfect fit,” she said. The AV Club. “I love that she’s out there on her own. I love that it’s kind of the old-fashioned way of defending your protest. And I was so surprised, I’m still surprised, that it was a fan favorite. I’ve had a lot of correspondence on Twitter and stuff about this song and the people who fondly remember it. “

“The Simpsons” is now streaming on Disney + and Hulu.

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