Watch Twilight’s Cardi B Fangirl Over Meeting Robert Pattinson


We all have that celebrity or two that we would all absolutely lose if we met them. For dusk fans, those people are probably Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who played Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the five-movie vampire romance. “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B appears to be one of the Twihards given her desire to meet the star of Stephenie Meyer’s adaptation.

The Grammy winner recently took to Twitter share a short video of herself with the fan favorite actor in what appears to be some kind of industry party or function. Watch yourself:

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Cardi B and Robert Pattinson together make such a random, but incredible duo! The rapper captioned the video “Look who I met the other day!” I felt like a teenager! I guess it’s fair to say that she’s been a long time dusk fan too! She would have been around 16 when the actor found his role as Edward Cullen in the 2008 first film. In other words, she was the perfect target audience for the phenomenon at the time.

Robert Pattinson also looked delighted to meet her, showing a big smile and sticking his tongue out as she screamed in the video. Take a look at these two:

Cardi B and Robert Pattinson together

(Image credit: Twitter / Cardi B)

As one fan noted, Cardi B totally referenced dusk over the summer on social media when she tweeted that she wanted to “have sex with vampires.” Maybe she was heading for the smoking kingdom review the saga like many of us after every movie landed on netflix one month before Cardi B.

Recently, the music personality had a funny exchange with another idol, Youby Penn Badgely. When the actor spoke about her while promoting his Netflix show, the “WAP” performer fangirled on Twitter, typing “HE KNOWS ME !!!” Badgely then sent her products from the show and the couple currently have each other’s faces as their profile picture.

Of course, we’re curious about the conversations Cardi B and Robert Pattinson had when they met the other day. Pattinson stars as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves‘The Batman movie, in theaters in March 2022. Cardi will have an original song in the upcoming Halle Berry movie bruised, which will be released on November 24. Berry also directed the film, which tells the story of a disgraced MMA fighter who has a chance to return.

Cardi B recently took to the movies, after landing a cameo in F9 and win a role in 2019 scammers, with Jennifer Lopez. It’s great to see her with the future superhero in the same room and probably learning about each other’s work. It’s also refreshing to see a star as massive as her fangirl on the Twilight alum, because… the same girl.

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