Video game Dead by Daylight recruits Psyop to help fans date their favorite killer

Death is a beach in survival action horror game, Dead in broad daylightof the new deadly dating sim featuring gaming’s most iconic killers. Horror game Behavior Interactive has enlisted a creative studio Psyop to lead the development of this unique spin-off – Addicted to you which was recently the subject of a surprise announcement during their annual conference via live stream and is now the number 1 game on Steam.

Brought together by the same team that created KFC’s I love you, Colonel Sanders, Psyop has reimagined four of Dead by Daylight’s most popular characters – The Trapper, The Huntress, The Wraith and The Spirit – in an interactive visual novel that lets players hang out with their favorite killers. Hooked On You transports the murder squad to Murderer’s Island for a romantic getaway, where Psyop’s creative artists have turned them into anime with ultra-sexy beachwear. Inspired by the wishes of Dead by Daylight fans, this dating sim is an example of how game developers can extend their IP into a larger community narrative and encourage more creativity when it comes to developing games. products and experiences for fans.

Hooked on You is currently available for PC users via Steam and should be released on all platforms towards the end of the year. As a studio known for its storytelling prowess, this latest transmedia project from Psyop is just one example of how the production powerhouse has branched out into the realm of video game development.

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