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The iconic chip brand is rolling out its first rebranding in 20 years and some people are not happy with the “hipster” makeover.

It’s safe to say that we humans are creatures of habit – we love it when things stay the same.

That’s why it’s no surprise that some buyers had a visceral reaction to the first change to the Pringles chip logo in 20 years.

The new minimalist logo debuted in the United States in December and hit Australian supermarket shelves in January this year, and rolled out to other countries in the months that followed.

And Mr. Pringles got a bit of a makeover.

No more mustache and bushy brown eyebrows. Instead, he looks a lot more “hipster” with a sleek black mustache and sculpted eyebrows.

Disgruntled customers wasted no time in expressing what they thought of the new “do”.

Some fans have compared him to “a copy you’d expect to see at Aldi” and a “bartender in a hipster underground bar”.

One person on Twitter lamented that the new logo has lost “the sparkle of its eyes” and “looks like crap.” Ouch.

“If I was going to hell whoever changed the Pringles logo better be there too,” said another. wrote on Instagram.

The Pringles UK and Ireland Twitter account addressed the logo change online, saying the hits had received a “fabulous new makeover”.

“But we are still so Pringles,” they said.

Speaking ahead of the new logo’s launch in the US last December, Pringles senior marketing director Gareth Maguire said it had taken years.

“We have spent the last two years in research and design to create a modern look for Mr P’s cans and styling that reflects the bold flavor of every Pringles crisp and stack,” he said, according to the Food web.

“While the look may be new on the outside, I’m proud to say it doesn’t change the overwhelming taste that has always been inside every Pringlescan and celebrates the unique snack experience that is part of every bite. ”

Pringles is only too well aware of what can happen when he changes his product – in 2016 he left Aussie fans outraged after he moved production to the much-loved chip.

A shift in manufacturing of the chips from the United States to Malaysia saw the size of the tube and the chips shrink, with some also claiming that the flavor had changed as well.


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