Twitch Streamer Pokimane hits back at fan who claims to have increased his Valor rank



Pokimane unloads some of her feelings towards Twitter and the skeptics when she responds to an accusation regarding her newly achieved Valorant rank.

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Immortal is the highest rank someone can achieve in valiant, and in doing so, places them in the top 0.4% of valiant players around the world. Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane recently achieved this legendary rank for herself after playing valiant regularly since launching its beta in April of last year. Unfortunately for her, she is a girl in the gaming industry, so many people doubt that she reached the rank under her own power.

While this isn’t the first – and won’t be the last – that Pokimane’s abilities as a player have been called into question due to her being a girl, a fan of Twitch in particular, got under his skin when they accused both his own and that of Courage JD. fanbases to perpetuate a double standard. Speaking to Twitter, the fan attempted to provoke an argument with no one in particular by claiming that people were making fun of Courage for being “transported” to Predator in Apex Legends while praising Pokimane for the same in valiant.

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Seeing the comment after opening Twitter for streaming naturally frustrated Pokimane. She addressed it – and other similar comments – to her viewers, essentially saying that she sees them all the time, even when going about her own business. She can’t open Twitter without seeing at least one. In her anger, she almost bit the hook of the Tweeter, almost responding with a “Who the hell asked you?” but luckily she held back.


Considering how long she’s been playing the streaming game, Pokimane certainly has plenty of video evidence to prove that she earned her place among the Immortals. There is certainly one among his xQc assistants, who ironically criticized Pokimane’s recent rebellious behavior. If Pokimane knows she has earned her immortal rank, then she has nothing to prove to anyone. At the very least, anyone who doubts her can try to prove her point with her own in-game skills.

Escaping internet trolls while having a job so closely tied to the internet is nearly impossible, but ignoring their bait certainly isn’t. Arguing online with people who just want to argue is a sure-fire way to lose brain cells for no good reason. So good on Pokimane for holding back, even though she did kind of rant about it despite not sending the Tweet. Hopefully she manages to enjoy her rank while she has it.

valiant is on PC – mobile version in development.

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