[Today’s K-pop] Park Jihoon releases his 5th EP



(Credit: Maroo Entertainment)

Park Jihoon held a media showcase to release his fifth EP “Hot & Cold” in South Seoul on Thursday.

It’s only been two months since his previous EP and for the short time he also hosted an online gig and appeared on TV shows.

“I can’t be busy because there are fans out there who love me,” he said thanking them and adding that they are the source of momentum for him. He maintains good health by boxing and learning to play hockey.

With the new EP, he wanted to tell a love story, how we oscillate between hot and cold. The music video for the title track “Serious” shows different emotions that follow a lover. As a child actor who grew up to be one of the most popular members of the second season of the “Produce 101” audition show, and having recently starred in a handful of TV dramas, he had no difficulty playing for the video which captures the detail emotions.

“I’m confident,” he said boldly, “confident that I can show a lot of different images even when I come back in a short time, and that I can put on a performance that is good enough for you.”

TXT nominated for the first time at the People’s Choice Awards

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

(Credit: Big Hit Music)

Tomorrow X Together won its first People’s Choice Award nomination, according to the official announcement made Wednesday in the United States.

The group was chosen as one of the nominees for the 2021 New Artist category of the award with seven nominees including Olivia Rodrigo and The Kid Laroi.

The Boy Group is the only K-pop group outside of BTS to put their name on the nominees list. BTS is competing for The Group of 2021 against its recent collaborator Coldplay as well as Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5 and Jonas Brothers. BTS’s megahit “Butter” is one of the nominees for The Song of 2021 award.

TXT remains on Billboard 200 for 13 straight weeks now, having reached number 5 with their second studio album “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze” in May. The LP is the album of a K-pop group that has been on the charts the longest this year.

The award will take place on December 7 in Santa Monica, California.

Girl group Billlie throws fan song ahead of debut

(Credit: Mystic Story)

(Credit: Mystic Story)

Billlie, a girl group set to debut next month, released a song dedicated to fans ahead of time.

The six-member group posted a lyric video for “Flowerld,” a track from their upcoming debut album on Thursday. This follows on from performance videos, in trio and in group, in collaboration with the teams of 1Million Dance Studio, which raised the expectations of those awaiting the arrival of the first girl group of Mystic Story.

Band members include Moon Sua, sister of Astro’s Moonbin, and Soohyun from the web drama “Eighteen”, as well as teenage model from Japan Tsuki.

Local media reported on Wednesday that Kim Sooyeon, a participant in Mnet’s survival audition program, will be joining the group. Kim was chosen as the top dancer in a dance battle and ranked No. 10 on the show among 99 contestants to debut as a nonette in the final episode.

Ateez fights against invasion of privacy

(Credit: KQ Entertainment)

(Credit: KQ Entertainment)

Ateez has taken a strong stand against the fans who have invaded his privacy.

Her agency KQ Entertainment released a statement Thursday saying it has decided to take legal action against those who collected information by placing a tracking device on company vehicles for members of the group.

The firm has advocated for artists’ privacy, like off hours and private space, but that hasn’t stopped some from crossing the line. These behaviors inflict mental havoc on artists, the statement said.

Now it will list repeat offenders and exclude them from any form of participation or fan activity, the management company said, and, if necessary, resort to stronger actions.

By Hwang You-mee
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