The Criminal Minds plots holes fans can’t stand


Similar to her baby daughter Garcia, Morgan’s story has been the subject of intense scrutiny by “Criminal Minds” fans on Reddit. The show gives us a lot of information about what Morgan was doing before joining the BAU and it’s very impressive. In fact, he has so many top notch credentials that some fans think the writers have gone overboard a bit when filling out his CV.

“I swore it was mentioned that Morgan went to law school, but I don’t think the schedule fits,” u / pendletonskyforce wrote. They went on to clarify, “Because it was also mentioned that he was a former Chicago PD, meaning he would have joined them no earlier than at the age of 25. So when did a- joined the FBI then the BAU? “

As a few other users have pointed out, Morgan’s resume features too many diverse and highly skilled positions and accomplishments to be credible. While no one questions his abilities, fans are wondering how he got to do all of these things before he joined BAU in his early 30s.

As user u / imsurroundedby-idiot put it, “Yes, Dereks’ story is weird. Besides being Chicago PD, he was supposed to be an expert in obsessive crime, bombing, and also spent 18 months undercover before joining BAU. “

None of this works but, again, these little mistakes clearly weren’t enough to keep fans from tapping into “Criminal Minds”.

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