The Bachelorette: 6 reasons why I’m nervous for the double season

During The bachelor: after the last rose in March, Bachelor franchise host Jesse Palmer dropped a bombshell. After discussing heartbreak with finalists Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, Palmer announced that the next Bachelorette wouldn’t be Gabby or Rachel, it would be both.

Fans were excited about the news of the Bachelorette doubles season, as Gabby and Rachel became fan favorites on season 26 of The single person. But, with filming complete and only about a month before the season 19 premiere of the bacheloretteI’m starting to worry a little about my daughters.

Are ALL the dates going to be double dates? Will the guys make their first impressions on both girls simultaneously? How will the Rose Ceremonies take place? Is Rachel’s father ready to open up to a second Bachelor? Is Gabby’s grandpa alright????? I have a million questions, but here are some of the things that worry me the most ahead of Bachelorette doubles season.

Clayton Echard on The Bachelor

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Haven’t these girls endured enough? !

The single person The franchise has a habit of telling us that every season is its most dramatic yet, but in this case, they might have been telling the truth. For those who missed Clayton’s shocking end to the season from The single person, our main man claimed to have fallen in love with his three finalists. He begged Gabby and Rachel to stay and continue their journey, only to simultaneously dump them the next day.

Rachel’s sobs that echoed throughout the rose ceremony showed how vulnerable she had been to Clayton, while Gabby’s stone-faced reaction the next morning basically read as if she were saying, “J I’m done with men.” The two girls rode a roller coaster of emotion at the end of their Bachelor trip, which is why I’m so shocked that they agreed to start all over again.

These girls have been through more heartbreak in a few days than I have been through in my entire life, and I’m afraid another round of bachelorette drama is too much for them to handle.

Kurt and Steven in an interview on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer

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Didn’t we learn anything from Joe Millionaire?

If Kaitlyn Bristowe’s comments on the Double-Bachelorette season weren’t considerate enough, I invite you to take a look at Appendix B: Millionaire Joe.

Joe Millionaire: for the richest or the poorest debuted in 2021 with a similar premise to The single personbut with one essential difference: two eligible bachelors. the bachelorette seems to have taken a page from Millionaire Joe‘s book for the upcoming season, but didn’t stop to consider the issues that arose during the double Joe show.

Although entertaining, Joe Millionaire: for the richest or the poorest was a mess, with most girls deciding right away to pursue the most attractive man (Kurt). The girls who didn’t top the list ended up pursuing the other bachelor (Steven) seemingly by default, creating a cast of women who didn’t seem at all interested in either man. It was good television, but Kurt’s relationship with his winner ended before the show could even air.

The double-Bachelorette season schedule makes it look like ABC just copied the format from Joe Millionaire: for the richest or the poorest without examining the issues of the show or considering the ways Gabby and Rachel might be hurt in the process.

Shouldn’t we have learned from Millionaire Joe‘s errors?

Gabby Windey on The Bachelor

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What if the two girls fell in love with the same man?

It’s very possible that none of this season’s men are good enough for Gabby and Rachel. What else, most of the men in the cast of season 19 are younger than Gabby, which means she’ll have to exclude men who aren’t emotionally mature enough for her or aren’t of the same mindset when it comes to family, kids, marriage, and lifestyle. Rachel will need the same thing: as a pilot, she needs a man who is willing to date an independent woman with high career aspirations.

What I mean here is that it sounds like the producers might want Gabby and Rachel to fall in love with the same man. If the whole cast is full of duds and twenty-somethings, chances are the leading ladies are more interested in the same contestant. Thus, there are more chances that a girl will be rejected.

Listen, as far as I can tell, the men this season are going to be perfect gentlemen. We just got cast by the casting directors, and I want the best for Gabby and Rachel.

Rachel Recchia cries over The Bachelor

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What if all the men favored one of the girls?

There’s no way to predict which man will fall for which girl – after all, Gabby and Rachel are two very different people. Consider this though: in a normal season of Bachelorette, theoretically, each candidate falls in love with the same woman. Who’s to say they won’t all fall in love with the same woman this time around?

I hope there are more than enough eligible men to give Gabby and Rachel options, but I’m afraid one of them will end up feeling like the replacement if the other starts establishing more relationships.

Gabby and Rachel at the rose ceremony on The Bachelor

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Gabby and Rachel could be heartbroken again

There’s an inherent risk in returning to the Bachelor franchise to find love, but that risk has increased tenfold for the upcoming season. The majority of Bachelorette the seasons don’t end in a wedding, so there’s a good chance Gabby, Rachel, or both will leave the show again without finding love.

After thinking they’ve found love with Clayton, it might be hard for Gabby and Rachel to open up to new romantic partners and risk being heartbroken again.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia in The Bachelor: After the Final Rose

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Girls friendship is at stake

Part of the marketing for season 19 of the bachelorette revolves around “two best friends” looking for love together. This friendship is going to be tested the second these girls enter the singles mansion, for some of the reasons given above.

What will happen the first time Gabby and Rachel kiss the same man? It’s going to happen – in fact, it would be more surprising if it didn’t happen given the usual number of kisses in a Bachelor/Bachelorette season.

How Gabby and Rachel choose to handle these situations will determine whether or not they leave the show on good terms. Jealousy and trust can become problems for girls if they pick up feelings for the same man or waste time with their top picks.

Despite these nagging questions about the Double Bachelorette season, I’m more than ready to see both girls leave with the love of their lives. I will bite my nails all the time.

Season 19 of The Bachelorette premieres on ABC on July 11, 2022. In the meantime, episodes from previous seasons of both The single person and the bachelorette, and spin-off show Bachelor in Paradise are available to stream with a Hulu subscription.

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