The audience must relate to the story and the character: Mehul Buch

Mumbai, Mar 13 (IANS) Actor Mehul Buch who will be seen in new show ‘Woh Toh Hai Albela’ feels it is important for a story to connect with the audience.

“Unless and until the audience relates to the story and the character, the story will not pass,” said the lead actor, who will be seen as Dhanraj Chaudhary in the new show.

Without revealing much about his character, he said his character is an integral and important part of the show, and shared that he could easily identify with Dhanraj as a father and his fatherly emotions.

He added, “DKP’s reputation and creative caliber and, secondly, the incredible script and the importance of my character in the story drew me to this project.”

Mehul also confessed that the title of the show is quite unique and added, “Actually, I knew about the story before I knew the title. But at this point, I can say it justifies every moment of the story and vice versa.

This will be his first show of 2022, and he strongly recommends that an actor maintain his on-screen visibility, adding, “It helps the audience remember you.”

Finally, Mehul confessed that as an actor, he considers each new show as a new adventure. “My theatrical experience has taught me one thing that as an actor, if you take a new character with a blank slate, only you can bring newness to every character you play,” he concluded. .



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