Tennessee Superfan goes to the show

When legendary musician Paul McCartney performs in Knoxville In the crowd on Tuesday will be one of her biggest longtime East Tennessee fans, fangirling with her 45-year-old best friend and their entourage of 10.

“Oh my God. I don’t think I can scream anymore, but I will definitely have my eyes bulging,” Dianne Walls Anderson of Chattanooga told Knox News.

Look for her at Thompson-Boling Arena wearing a homemade shirt with a picture of a 1965 ticket and a photo of McCartney on the back. “I was there…and now I’m here,” the shirt reads.

On her 13th birthday, Dianne Walls Anderson (left) attended her first Beatles concert in Atlanta in 1965 with her two cousins, Nancy and Winnie.  Anderson wore a dress sewn by her grandmother and black go-go boots.

Anderson has been a huge fan of McCartney and The Beatles since watching the British band make their live US television debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in February 1964.

Since the beginning of this year:Paul McCartney will perform his first-ever show in Knoxville at the Thompson-Boling Arena

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A year later, as a gift from 13, she saw them on stage at a concert in Atlanta.

“All the little girls in my elementary school, we were all crazy about the Beatles, and we were constantly buying these little magazines…like Sixteen and Tiger Beat. … We just had kind of a social club about them and, of course, every time a new album came out, we had to rush and get it. So, I love their music,” Anderson recalled.

“And they weren’t bad either, for boys about 10 or 12 years older than us,” she added.

That first concert in Atlanta is his favorite Beatles memory, but over the decades, Anderson’s fandom has never wavered. She has still unopened shrink-wrapped albums, memorabilia, and memorabilia from many concerts.

But it’s the album she started in sixth or seventh grade that’s close to her heart.

“I have little things that I saved from their tours, or when they got married, or when the Beatles had their kids, and things like that. … I still have some of those Teen Beat magazines, if you can believe it?

The Beatles fun Anderson hosted this summer doesn’t end with McCartney. She goes to see Ringo Starr in Atlanta in June and then, for his birthday in August, she and her friend Lynn Whittenburg leave for Liverpool, England, to attend International Beatles Week. They will meet other Beatles fans from Amsterdam, Belgium and beyond.

Longtime Beatles fan Dianne Anderson, 69, has kept Beatles memorabilia she's collected over the years, including a 1965 concert ticket.

“I’m trying to make this birthday – which is my 70th – I’m trying to make it fun, especially after being locked up for two years and in physical therapy for most of that,” Anderson said of his recovery. from a bad car accident in 2020.

“It just keeps you young, I think, if you can connect with something (from your childhood),” Anderson said.

“He holds his magic for me, I guess.”

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