Teen mother Farrah Abraham roasted by fans for misspelling words about ‘law school’ after dropping out of Harvard

TEEN fans Mom Farrah Abraham slammed the star for misspelling words in a new TikTok video where she provided study tips for people with disabilities.

The reality TV star shared the video with Instagram where critics pointed out his spelling mistakes.


Farrah shared an acronym guide on TikTok to help people with disabilities study lawCredit: FarrahAbraham / Instagram
Fans slammed the star for misspelling words in the video


Fans slammed the star for misspelling words in the videoCredit: FarrahAbraham / Instagram

In the clip, Farrah educated her subscribers with some helpful tips for studying disability law.

“Study Law with Farrah Abraham. Tips, Tricks and Acronyms for People with Disabilities Like ADHD,” a voiceover said to begin the video.

The clip continued with former Teen Mom star OG demonstrating the use of various tools to better study metrics such as the use of headphones, a dry-erase board, an adjustable computer stand, as well as as sticky notes.

The former MTV star then spoke to the camera, explaining his intentions for creating the video.

“Legal acronyms I wanted to share for those who might have disabilities like ADHD and other disabilities while taking their bar, LSATS, or just learning new laws and refreshing themselves and remembering legal acronyms. like you have a disability, ”she said.

She then enthusiastically shared a list of acronyms she created as a study guide along with the laws they uphold.

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At the end of the video, the aspiring lawyer revealed that she accidentally mixed up two of the acronyms in her tutorial, apologizing to fans for the dud.

She captioned the post: “This tiktok…. #study with me #law student with #adhd Hope these hacks can help you and check your acronyms for your law, bar exam, state or just organization and memory! #Lawyer #studyhacks #Farrah Abraham #attorney #law #learning #mom # teen mom

Some viewers weren’t as focused on the final mix as they were on the words she misspelled in the clip.

One user reported her misspelling at the start of the video, when the word “enough” appeared on the screen instead of “quiet,” while encouraging the search for a quiet study space.

They wrote: “Student and ironically spelled the word Quite for silence”

Others also noticed the typo with a comment: “Quiet place? 😂 “, and another wrote:” Calm 😘 just trying to help mum 💕 “


In October, the former TV star came under fire for bragging about getting a perfect score on her Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

The 30-year-old told her followers how she studied and hoped to achieve a score of 180.

In the short deleted clip, the Teen Mom OG alum said, “You wish me luck on the LSAT. I’m really like disappointed.

“I didn’t have any free weekends, nothing free. So LSAT, let’s go!”

She crossed her fingers and continued, “I’m going to be a lawyer. I’m going to have a 180. Let’s do that, fucking king!”

“Wish me luck guys! I’m so excited! I’m just going to be the best Farrah I’ve ever been.”

Farrah concluded: “I am going to war and I will win a law, as we know I always do! But now I am allowed, or I will be.”


Redditors criticized the former MTV star for bragging about being able to get a perfect score on the standardized exam.

One Reddit user wrote: “Ooo! I can’t wait for those scores to come back!

Another Reddit user said, “I think the term is ‘delusional’.

A third user said: I wonder if she realizes there is a write part of the LSAT. Hahaha! I’m still dying of audacity. “

A fourth person added: “I think she just watched Legally Blonde one day and really think this will all be super easy.”

One commentator added, “She’s taking the LSAT, the law school entrance exam. She won’t go far enough to pass the bar.”


In August, the reality TV star set her Harvard sweater on fire

On TikTok, Farah filmed herself digging a hole in the logo of the sweater.

She captioned the video, “Thank you, therapists. My sanity is more important than [sic] educational abuse. I feel better now.

“On their way to Massachusetts, Harvard knows the law is the law. # Mental health # healing # education.”

The sweater fire came after she slammed the prestigious school and its teachers.


Previously, the Teen Mom star had called Harvard “dangerous” and not “believable” in her. Yelp reviews one star.

Farrah said, “Harvard is pathetic and educationally abusive of students.”

In her review, she accused two professors of keeping her “locked” on the zoom for “a class” she paid for.

Farrah also claimed that she challenged her tuition fees after “the teacher claimed [she] had a neurological problem. “

The reality TV star claimed that “Harvard teachers can’t teach online!

A spokesperson for Harvard University said TMZ that due to federal student privacy laws, the school would not comment on academic matters of individual students.

She had previously been criticized for bragging about getting a perfect score on her LSAT


She had previously been criticized for bragging about getting a perfect score on her LSATCredit: Youtube / Farrah Abraham
She also set her Harvard University sweater on fire, saying her sanity was more important


She also set her Harvard University sweater on fire, saying her sanity was more importantCredit: TikTok
Farrah lambasted university professors saying they were


Farrah lambasted university professors saying they were “abusive of students”Credit: La Méga Agence
Teenage mother Farrah Abraham says she gave cease and desist letters to ‘racist’ costars after they ‘attacked’ her during spinoff

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