Tammy Hembrow slams Celeste Barber on post-pregnancy IG video

Influencer Tammy Hembrow replied to celeste barber for making fun of her post-baby video.

Last week, Hembrow posted a video of herself in the mirror and wrote, “12 days postpartum I stayed as active as I could before and during my pregnancy on my @tammyhembrowfitness programs.

“Honestly, I feel like my heart was at its best in my entire life right before I got pregnant with Posy, so I’m excited to see what I can do this time around after baby number 3!

“I can’t wait to get into a hard and heavy TammyFit at 6 weeks.”

She concluded the caption by adding, “PSA: Every mom’s postpartum journey is different! Please don’t be hard on yourself and compare yourself to others. We all have different genes, different lifestyles, different circumstances, etc. That being said, I work and have worked extremely hard and I want nothing more than to motivate and inspire you!

Barber shared Hembrow’s video on his Instagram story with his 9.1 million followers and wrote, “No disrespect, congratulations on your success but it’s dangerous.

“Women should NEVER feel pressured to put on gym clothes and show off their bodies, to prove a point, ESPECIALLY 12 days after having a baby. 12 DAYS!”

She added: “Jeez, I was shit in a bag and screaming in a pillow after having my babies. Our appearance doesn’t matter. Be kind to yourselves, moisturize your nipples and unfollow accounts that make you feel like crap!

As spotted by Reviews from Australian influencersHembrow fired back at Barber in the comments to his post.

“I’ll wear whatever I want @celestebarber,” she wrote, tagging the controversial comedian.

Hembrow’s fiancé Matt Pool also commented, writing, “Wear what you want. Be nice and do whatever makes you happy.

“There’s already enough scrutiny and body shaming from @celestebarber trolls and bullies.”

Screenshot of Aussie Influencer Opinions of Tammy Hembrow hitting back at Celeste Barber on Instagram.

Aussie Influencer Opinions captioned the post “Great to see this” with an applause emoji.

The post has since cut dozens of comments calling out Celeste Barber for shaming Tammy Hembrow shortly after giving birth.

“How can it be body positivity if a mother of three is told to cover up? It’s the complete opposite,” one person wrote.

“Normalize by showing postpartum bodies of any size, whether they’re smaller than Tammy or bigger than Tammy or whatever.”

“Celeste was funny but now I feel like it’s pure hate. What a horrible thing to do to a new mother,” another person wrote.

“@celestebarber you’ve come a long way from this one,” another fan added.

“Everyone is different, every trip is different, but don’t put a girl down because her trip is different from yours.”

“It’s high time we stopped putting other confident women down,” another follower wrote.

“Celeste makes a living by sniffing out other women but says she’s standing up for women??? She bullies women who are fit and have a healthy lifestyle like Tammy does, but because it’s through a comedic lens, everyone let it be,” another comment read.

And finally, I found this comment particularly poignant: “Celeste built her ‘fame’ by putting down and making fun of other women, she’s the last person I would listen to when it comes to body image. “

Both Celeste Barber and Tammy Hembrow are local online personalities.

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