‘Tall Girl 2’: fans are raving about the sequel and are already waiting for part 3

The sequel to the franchise, ‘Tall Girl 2’, has already captured many hearts. With its childlike high school stories, witty humor and real-life issues.

Netflix’s latest drop is truly refreshing and shows how Jodi (Ava Michelle) deals with intrusive thoughts like anxiety. These questions are not often discussed, especially considering that living with anxiety is a lifelong battle. That said, it does make life easier once we learn to take control of our minds.


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Here’s what fans are saying about Netflix’s sequel.

One fan tweeted, “Just finished #tallgirl2 and need #tallgirl3…no questions no doubt just need them to start filming right now. Like right now !!”, while another said, “#tallgirl2 was by far the cutest and most hilarious rom-com i’ve watched this year!! #dunkleman & #jodi 4ever!! i loved every second of the movie!! it flowed really well from the first movie and was a blast to watch!! I love the character and personality of #dunkleman so much!!”

One fan said, “#TallGirl2 was actually really good 😩”, while another shared, “#Tallgirl2 is so cute”.

One fan said, “#TallGirl2 I need that love too”, while another shared, “Weekend binge!!! #loveisblind #tallgirl2 so much to watch so little time”.

One fan tweeted, “just finish watching Tall Girl 2, SO GOOD #TallGirl2,” while another shared, “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve done, as long as you love me..🎶🎵 #BigGirl2”.

One fan said, “Oh dunkleman man you are, I’m in love #TallGirl2,” while another tweeted, “I love #TallGirl2! How is this NOT a @netflix series? at the very least, there better be a 3rd movie.”

One fan shared, “Watched #TallGirl2 #netflixuk such a beautiful movie, so sweet,” while another said, “#TallGirl2 was cute looolll. I liked that there were more a love story. And yellow is definitely Jodi’s color.”

“Tall Girl 2” was released on February 11, 2022 on Netflix.

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