Swedish police defuse bomb near Iranian concert hall 202208222881

A bag containing an explosive charge was found on Sunday evening in a Stockholm park during an annual cultural festival in which Iranian popstar Ebi was performing.

Swedish police said on Monday the contents of the bag were immediately “assessed as dangerous” and the National Bomb Squad had opened an investigation into the attempted public destruction. The discovery prompted police to cordon off the area while traffic was briefly rerouted.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet said it contained a bomb and was found near Café Opera, a famous nightclub.

“Only after the investigation at the national forensic center will we be able to say whether the dangerous object was functional,” said local police chief Erik Åkerlund. At the moment, no one is in custody.

The five-day Stockholm Culture Festival ended on Sunday with a concert by legendary pop singer Ebi, real name Ebrahim Hamedi and a known Iranian dissident.

Tensions are relatively high between Iran and Sweden over the sentencing by a Swedish court of former Iranian jailer Hamid Nouri to life imprisonment for the executions of political prisoners in 1988.

While human rights defenders such as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and Amnesty International welcomed the decision as a historic condemnation and “an unequivocal and long-awaited message to the Iranian authorities” for crimes against humanity, the Islamic Republic “firmly condemned” the court’s “politically motivated and unacceptable” verdict.

In June, the Swedish Foreign Ministry advised its citizens against traveling to the Islamic Republic due to security risks for foreigners.

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