Sims 4 and Gossip Girl fan Blair Waldorf is a realistic CC socialite

A clever Sims 4 player has cleverly created an in-game version of Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf that looks straight out of the Upper East Side.

A skillful The Sims 4 player and Gossip Girl fan recreated the iconic Blair Waldorf from the series in-game. Build pop culture characters in The Sims 4 is a common activity for those who want to act out scenes from their favorite shows and movies. For this reason, downloadable custom content – often abbreviated as CC – is a valuable resource for players and is often essential for more accurate character creation.

Although it hasn’t aired for several years, the teen drama about life on the Upper East Side, Gossip Girlremains a fan favorite for many due to its outrageous twists and turns and incredible fashion, making it a good fit for The Sims 4 character inspiration. The Sims 4 offers players plenty of options when it comes to character customization: facial feature proportions, eye color, hairstyle and makeup can all be adjusted, allowing players to design any type of character they desire. The Sims 4 Custom Content is a frequently used tool when players are looking to recreate a specific character, allowing them to upload things like new hair, clothing, and accessories to refine their Sim even further.


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Reddit user naswarovsky shared their incredible recreation of Blair Waldorf this week, capturing Queen B perfectly. Cupid arches. Naswarovski used beautiful custom content to dress the Sim in Blair’s iconic style, with pieces like a Coach hat, costume jewelry, and layered sweater dress, to complete the character’s authenticity.

This user’s recreation is a great example of how CC can improve The Sims 4 character designs. Additionally, any user can download the character from the sims Gallery for use in their own game with features for players to share projects. However, since character design involves custom content, players will need to upload their own if they want to give Blair designer outfits like the ones seen in the post. Although this may seem like a failure to some, it could also offer the opportunity to Gossip Girl fans to recreate their own favorite outfits from the CC options instead.

The sims The Gallery is an incredibly useful resource for players and greatly expands the narrative possibilities of the game. Storytelling in The Sims 4 is a key gameplay element for many fans of the series, and access to perfectly recreated Sims like this allows players to use their favorite characters without having to be a design expert. Whether The Sims 4 fans want to romance Chuck Bass or be enemies with Serena van der Woodsen, this incredible Gossip Girl creation is an excellent starting point.

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Source: Naswarovski/Reddit

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