River Raisin Center for Arts, Meyer Theater announce season offerings

Local and national theater opportunities abound in Monroe County. Offerings begin now and continue through spring.

The River Raisin Center for the Arts and Meyer Theater at Monroe County Community College have announced their upcoming seasons. Other local theater companies, such as Monroe Community Players and Bedford Community Players, will announce their productions later. MCP is currently working on a theatrical experience for readers called “Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits”.

River Raisin Arts Center

Theatrical performances, local ballets and musical tributes are part of the season’s offerings at the RRCA.

The theater, 114 S. Monroe St., opened its 2022-23 season last week, with performances by the Glenn Miller Orchestra and the Malpass Brothers.

“We are very happy to welcome our 2022 season,” said Claire Bechard, new associate director of the RRCA.


Bechard recently replaced longtime RRCA associate director Calley Duffey. Bechard studied ballet for years at the RRCA-based River Raisin Dance Academy. As a student at Wayne State University, she cooperated with RRCA’s School of the Performing Arts.

This is the first full season of entertainment at RRCA since the start of the pandemic.

“Our season was cut in half last year. We sold a total of 3,575 seats for eight performances. This season we will have 12 performances in our first flagship season,” Bechard said. É.T.É, a Canadian bluegrass band, I heard them play in 2021 and thought their sound would suit Monroe, where we have a strong bluegrass following, as well as French-Canadian heritage.

An Irish Rambling House: Celebrating St. Patrick is scheduled for March 10 at RRCA.

The ETE trio offers traditional Quebec music, combining folk, jazz, progressive and classical rock.

Other new releases this season include The Music of Mancini, which features film music, and Alla Boara, which features Italian folk music. An Irish Rambling House in March will feature Celtic song and dance. Leslie McCurdy will deliver a performance titled “The Spirit of Harriet Tubman” in February. The Gambler Returns, a tribute to Kenny Rogers, is scheduled for the Christmas period.

“We are including new shows to expand our audience and bring different crowds to Monroe. It’s a fun change in our season,” Bechard said. “Although our typical audience has never heard of these new bands, they could be their next biggest fans. We’re excited to bring music from around the world to our corner of the Midwest.

Two local ballets will again be produced, including the essential Nutcracker for the Christmas period.

“I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but we’re bringing back the big pas de deux in Act I. The Snow Queen lead, danced by Evelyn Short and Elora Russell, is a technically challenging duet with the Snow King ., danced by former dancer and instructor Gabriel Hileman,” Bechard said.

The spring ballet is “Cinderella”.

Local artists will also be featured in “Spamalot,” produced by the River Raisin Repertory Co., under the direction of Tracy Glover.

“We haven’t produced this show since 2013, and this is our first River Raisin Rep show since 2019. It’s a fun show that we know audiences will enjoy,” Bechard said.

RRCA season:

For tickets and more information, visit www.riverraisincentre.org.

October 28-30

“Spamalot” by Monty Python


The local River Raisin Repertory Co. will perform Monty Python’s tale of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

November 5

“One Night in Memphis”


Tribute to music legends Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

December 2-4

The Nutcracker Ballet


The River Raisin Ballet Co. will present its annual Christmas ballet featuring handmade choreography and costumes.

December 9

Alan Turner’s Ultimate Kenny Rogers Tribute Show


February 18

“The Spirit of Harriet Tubman”


Leslie McCurdy, on a barren stage with only a chest of costumes, offers a one-woman tribute to Tubman.

March 3-5

St. Mary’s Catholic High School Spring Musical


Title to come.

March 10

An Irish Trail House: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


Celtic and folk music accented with Irish jigs.

April 2

Mancini’s Music$15-39

Celebrate Mancini’s compositions, from his early work with the Glenn Miller Orchestra to the music for movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

April 8



An original and lively interpretation of traditional Quebec music.

April 15

Alla Boara


Regional folk music from Italy.

April 28-30

“Cinderella” – The Ballet


The River Raisin Ballet Co. will present a ballet rendition of the timeless fairy tale.

Meyer Theater at Monroe County Community College

The College/Community Symphony Band of Monroe County Community College will perform several concerts this season, including one at the bottom of a quarry.

Monroe County Community College, 1555 S. Raisinville Road, has planned a full entertainment season at the Meyer Theater at the La-Z-Boy Center. An offer will even take the participants to the foot of a quarry.

Like the RRCA, the MCCC also changed personnel.

Tom Ryder, who hosted events at the Meyer Theater in addition to other duties, retired on September 1 after 36 years of employment. The search is on for his replacement.


The MCCC is also planning its first full season since the pandemic began.

“Last year we started our season in December due to the pandemic, and we had 12 shows,” said Joe Verkennes, director of marketing and communications.

This year’s full program will focus on local talent.

“We are really excited to focus our season on the wonderful cultural arts of our college, the local community and the region, a ‘season of culture’. We feature local and regional musicians and artists,” Verkennes said. “We’ll be featuring a full slate of band concerts, Agora Chorale concerts, four Detroit Symphony Orchestra concerts, dances recited by the MCCC’s Inside Out Dance Ensemble, two guest artists (and more). ”

Artist David Hile will visit the MCCC on February 2.

In May, the College/Community Symphony Band will perform at a local quarry. The group’s manager Mark Felder had originally planned this concert for 2020, but it was canceled, like other concerts by the group, because of the pandemic.

“The band did not schedule any performances due to COVID restrictions last year. A joint performance with the Agora Chorale on October 24 will mark the group’s return,” Verkennes said.

The Agora Chorale has a new director this year. Jonathon Lunneberg replaced Cathy Brodie, who retired last year. Lunneberg is associate choir teacher at Plymouth High School and president of the Michigan Chapter of the American Choir Directors Association.

More shows may be added to the MCCC season in the future once a new Community Events Coordinator is hired.

“We have plans to add up to two to four other acts that are regional or national in nature that might be more in line with what we have traditionally done (comedians, tribute bands, national country acts, etc.),” Verkennes said. . “If we add shows, it will likely happen after the first of the year. We’re excited to begin a new chapter of programming at the La-Z-Boy Center, as someone else will soon be taking the helm and will pick up where Tom Ryder left off. Tom has played a pivotal role in making MCCC the cultural and entertainment hub of Monroe County by bringing high-quality entertainment to the La-Z-Boy Center and ensuring that all events go off without a hitch, and we are eternally grateful to him. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for theater as we enter 2023 and beyond.

MCCC season:

For tickets and more information, visit https://www.monroeccc.edu/events.

October 24

Concert by the university/community symphony orchestra and the Agora choir


October 26

Art presentation by guest artist Cassy Fallon. His works will be exhibited until November 21

December 6

Agora Chorale Holiday Concert


December 12

University/Community Symphony Orchestra Holiday Concert


January 13

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert


February 2

Guest artist David Hile

February 25

The Big Gig: Monroe County Black History Month Annual Blues Concert


March 6

Concert by the university/community symphony orchestra and the Agora choir


the 17th of March

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert


April 15-16

Soundtracks, a performance by the MCCC’s Inside Out Dance Ensemble

Cost to be announced

May 7

University/Community Symphony Orchestra Concert in Quarry

Place and price to be specified

May 8

University/Community Symphony Orchestra Concert


May 12

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert


June 16

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert


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