PUBLIC VERDICT! Internet users call Pakhi a gold digger; ask manufacturers to stop whitewashing Vanraj in StarPlus’ Anupamaa

Mumbai: Two years and Anupamaa hasn’t left the top shelf of the TRP charts, the performances are indeed breathtaking and extremely relatable. Anupamaa is the most popular show on TV right now, with TRPs of no less than 3.0 on a weekly basis. Its gripping storyline and jaw-dropping twists keep audiences glued to their screens. Fans and viewers have connected with Anupamaa so deeply that they don’t even miss a single episode of the show.

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Currently in the show, Anuj and Anupamaa bring Choti Anu home. Family members are not ready to understand their reason for actually adopting a child at this age. On the other hand, Pakhi drops a bombshell by revealing that she wants to marry Adhik. The families and Anupamaa are surprised to hear Pakhi’s request. Is Adhik ready to get married?

Anuj and Vanraj end up in a major confrontation because of Pakhi’s adamant wish to marry Adhik. In this fight, Anupamaa gets another shock when she sees Samar supporting her father and not Anuj.

Well, netizens are quite unhappy with the creators, some have called Pakhi a gold digger as she got carried away with the money Anupamaa now has, she is obsessed with her new house and now she wants to be a part glam and status. On the other hand, Vanraj’s character has taken a 360 degree turn and practically wears Anupamaa’s shoes to handle the Shahs, viewers are asking the creators to stop this bleaching of the character as they are aware that he can tip at any time.

Now the rift is that Barkha and Anupamaa will end up in a major confrontation, and although Anuj tries to bring about a solution, he will fail. Under pressure from Barkha and their own plan, Adhik will agree to marry Pakhi, watching this Vanraj will remember his past mistakes and call her Karma biting him that he sees his own daughter marrying a casanova like Adhik. He knows that Adhik is using his daughter but Pakhi refuses to understand.

Anupamaa will try to talk to Pakhi but his harsh words will pierce Anupamaa’s heart like swords. In the midst of all this, Anupamaa will find solace in Choti Anu and she decides to let Pakhi fall to her feet.

Also read: VIEWERS SPEAK: Netizens point to inconsistent writing and lack of logic in current Anupamaa track

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