Peacemaker’s greatest enemy is a classroom full of children

Despite the many threats he faces, Peacemaker’s true nemesis comes in the form of pint-sized know-it-alls who work him during show-and-tell.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Peacemaker Episode 6, “Murn After Reading,” streaming now on HBO Max.

While he doesn’t share Batman’s strong rogues gallery, Peacemaker has no shortage of opponents. Whether it’s his white supremacist supervillain father or his boss Amanda Waller, Christopher Smith has found himself at odds with the authority figures in his life during his quest for peace at any cost. .

Another obstacle to Peacemaker’s mission has been children. Despite his vow, which included killing as many children as needed to achieve peace, the seemingly uncompromising vigilante froze as he murdered Senator Goff’s Butterfly-possessed children. It showed that beneath his bluster, Smith has a heart, which could prove fatal in his job. His last encounter with children did not occur in the line of duty, but in a classroom. It could have been even more disastrous.

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Peacemaker finds himself in front of a classroom full of children to do a favor for Jamil, the hospital nurse who allowed him to sneak out of his room in Peacemaker First episode. After his daughter’s thunder was stolen by a vet with a cute animal, Jamil called Peacemaker to even the odds with an actual superhero.

Peacemaker’s story of defeating Batman villain Kite-Man fails to elicit a “hell yeah” from the kids. One of them points out that gravity would have done the job that Peacemaker needed two fists, a Desert Eagle and two rocket launchers to pull off. Peacemaker cuts him off tersely before moving on to the next question, if he has a coterie of supervillains, which he also quickly outruns.

The Flash and Wonder Woman questions showed Peacemaker’s dismissive attitude towards the Justice League, which is evident since his conversation with Jamil in the first episode brought up a nasty rumor about Aquaman. Peacemaker called The Flash “an insufferable d-bag”, disappointing the fangirl who popped the question. It was an ironic moment for viewers who know that series writer/director James Gunn gave nothing to Peacemaker’s personality.

When asked about Wonder Woman, Peacemaker admits to never having been officially introduced to her. He claims the Amazon Princess and a certified new DC Extended Universe star gave him bedroom eyes at a party. This outraged Jamil, although the child who asked the question at least seemed impressed.

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The classroom continued to be a tough arena for Peacemaker when he talked about his scene-stealing pet, Eagly. A child asked Peacemaker why he gave his pet such an unoriginal name. When Peacemaker asked him why he was his least favorite kid in the class, the kid retaliated by calling him a loser, which the rest of the class found hilarious. Embarrassing as it sounded, the worst was yet to come.

Jamil’s daughter asked Peacemaker if he had an origin story. This caused a flashback to his brother’s death, apparently at his hands. Despite this traumatic moment, Peacemaker recovers to answer another question. It’s about a girl who thinks he’s her real father, which ends the disastrous demo session.

Peacemaker’s show-and-tell debacle is the latest in a series of indignities he has suffered. It’s to James Gunn’s credit that he can walk the right path making Peacemaker the deserved butt of the joke while still being likable. It’s also part of what makes Peacemaker earn its place in the DCEU. It’s impossible to imagine Superman or Batman appearing in a classroom, let alone being roasted by children. It makes perfect sense for Peacemaker, and his show is all the better for it.

To see Peacemaker’s ongoing struggle with children, stream Peacemaker now on HBO Max.

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