Pakistani fans’ admiration for MS Dhoni ahead of India vs Pak World Cup game shakes internet



The 2021 T20 World Cup has kicked off in the United Arab Emirates and the mother of all clashes kicks off in just two hours today Sunday, October 24. India face their Pakistani rivals at 7 p.m. in the crucial game and fans around the world are looking forward to an epic clash after ages.

MS Dhoni, one of the greatest Indian and world players to ever play cricket, is this time the mentor of the national team led by Virat Kohli with the young players eager to make an impact in their match opening of the tournament. Since the World Cup takes place in the United Arab Emirates, Indian and Pakistani fans have been supporting their teams as if they were in their own country.

Videos of Pakistani fans showing their admiration for Dhoni went viral on the internet ahead of the India v Pakistan game. A video shows a Pakistani man wearing a mix of the Indian and Pakistani team jersey and shouting that “Pakistan will win today … but Dhoni whom I love with all my heart”.

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The Tani woman posted a video on Saturday in which she asks KL Rahul who is training not to play well tomorrow (against his team Pak). She then says the same Dhoni which follows Rahul to which he responds in Hindi “Humara kaam hi aisa hai.”. She then begs him “Mahi just leave this game … in the next game. Not this game please.”

Fans of Thala Dhoni are about to know that their idol has not only won the hearts of millions of Indians, but also rival fans who admire him for the champion he is and have friendly jokes with him.


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