OS review: The Corner Room’s new breakfast menu

A lot has changed this year for State College’s beloved Corner Room.

The essential of the city center received a much needed facelift during the summer and reopened at the end of August with a new midday and evening menu. Now even breakfast is back on the Corner Room menu.

With high expectations and empty stomachs, a few of our employees ventured downtown to donate the corner room new breakfast menu just a jolt.

Keeley Lamm: Blueberry Pancakes

I’m a breakfast sucker, so I was super excited to try the new Corner Room menu for the first time. Despite a treacherous and freezing journey from East Halls that I fell into not once, but twice, I can say without reservation that risking my life to walk downtown was worth it for a meal at The Corner Room.

I decided to go with the full stack of blueberries and was extremely happy with my choice. My plate greeted me with four light and fluffy pancakes served with butter and maple syrup. The picture doesn’t do it justice as it was a huge portion of heavenly buns. I really enjoyed tearing down this stack while chatting with my breakfast-loving staff colleagues and watching the action on College Ave. from our stand next to the window.

My only complaint about this plate was its ratio of pancakes to blueberries. I believe the pancakes were slightly lacking in the blueberry department, but my meal still gets a solid 9/10. You will certainly catch me returning to the corner room for breakfast. Whoever was in charge of the griddle, keep doing what you want!

Anna Wiggins: Ham and Cheddar Omelet

I’m a huge fan of breakfast food so had to try the new Corner Room breakfast menu. I had an omelette with ham, cheddar and onions, with a side of ~breakfast potatoes~ and toast, which came with the omelet. This was actually my first time trying an omelet, and the biggest takeaway here is that an omelette is just scrambled eggs in one piece.

Nevertheless, it was a very good omelet. It was super moist and the ham, cheese and onions went well with it. A great start to my journey of eating omelettes.

I am a breakfast potato lover first and a girl second. These potatoes deserve a trophy. They were seasoned with various herbs, and there was red seasoning on them, but I couldn’t tell you what it was. It doesn’t matter because it was delicious. The potatoes were nice and crispy too. I would come back to just order these spuds.

The toast was… a toast! It’s hard to ruin toast and luckily I didn’t miss the corner room. I believe the bread was ~sourdough~, although I could be wrong. I’m not a jelly-on-toast girl, so I stuck to butter. It was a solid toast.

And, of course, my weak point: the coffee for dinner. A little cream, some sugar, and all is well in the world.

Overall it was a very good breakfast. My only ~criticism~ is that I don’t think it’s worth the $12 price tag. However, if you are in the mood to treat yourself or your family is in town, the Corner Room breakfast will not disappoint.

Matt DiSanto: Local Breakfast

As a breakfast lover, I was blown away by this tray. The aptly named Corner Room’s “Corner Breakfast” includes breakfast potatoes, two eggs any style, toast, and your choice of bacon or sausage. The tray is also paired with a cup of coffee.

Potatoes stole the show throughout this breakfast. well seasoned and correct crispy enough, these potatoes were perfect. I also really enjoyed the thick bacon and was blown away by the sourdough toast, which was lightly buttered and toasted just right. My scrambled eggs were…finebut with enough pepper they did the trick.

This tray checked in at $12, but forgoing its included cup of coffee, I reduced that amount to $9. In my book, that’s a pretty fair price for a generous portion.

Overall it was a good meal for a decent price. I certainly look forward to returning for another breakfast in the corner room very soon.

Messages from Onward State’s all-student staff.

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