Only Fans star Roxy Stylez seeks revenge on online bullies by messaging their husbands

An OnlyFans star has sought revenge online, after claiming she was receiving a plethora of hateful and ‘mean’ comments on social media, by messaging the husbands of her bullies.

Roxy Stylez shared a video titled “you might want to sit down” to her half-million TikTok followers, threatening to start texting the husbands or boyfriends of the women who had sent her the hate messages on Instagram. ‘application.

“To all of you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my naughty stuff video, this is for you, I’m going to find your husbands today,” she said in a video.

The TikToker then followed up and sent a direct message on Instagram to four female partners who commented on his previous posts, saying, “Hey, how are you?”

“I bet one of the four will respond,” the adult content creator said in the video, which now has 5 million views.

The social media star, who has over 400,000 fans on OnlyFans, previously posted a video asking her followers if they called their husband ‘handsome’ today or if their wife called them ‘handsome’.

“One of the videos I made saying did you call your husband handsome today or did your wife call you handsome today exploded and everyone hates me but I want you to think about it, if I could come in and tell your man that he’s handsome and just doing that would create the possibility of me taking him from you, he’s not the one for you,” a- she declared.

“He should ignore me, he should be rude to me, he should be like, ‘No, I have a wife’, not, ‘Sorry, I have a wife’, it should be outright, ‘No, I have a wife”, and if not, then girl, I consider it fair game and he is going to be mine.

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“So all those women who said mean things on my post, I’m coming for you.”

One of the comments that sparked Stylez’s revenge plot came from a TikTok user who said, “What about telling a bachelor he’s handsome, I don’t know, instead to be a home wrecker.”

“So everyone keeps calling me a home breaker, and personally I think that’s really funny,” the OnlyFans star said.

“Your relationship is so terrible that you have to worry about someone coming in from outside, they’re not the one for you.

“Ladies, I don’t want your man, but if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him.”

Among the four men who received a message was “Darren,” whose wife asked to call Stylez on the phone after deleting her husband’s Instagram account, according to the TikToker.

‘Don’t you dare say hello to me after what you did to me and my husband, stay away from both of us or I will press charges,’ said the woman, who revealed that she and her husband were still together after their marriage. for 15 years, despite Styelz’s claims that the husband created another separate secret Instagram account to message her.

“You think I’m going to let a cute little blonde wrecker ruin my marriage, I don’t think so,” the woman continued.

“I’m just proving to you that you can’t be a gratuitous bully without suffering some consequences,” Styelz replied.

The TikToker, which said she was doing ‘God’s work’, also received messages from women who ‘faked’ hateful comments in hopes she would message their husbands to test their loyalty .

“A husband got caught, but I don’t think he’s going to be a husband for very long,” Stylez said.

The OnlyFans creator said she was approached online by a woman who asked her to specifically test her husband by messaging him on social media.

“Let’s just say he failed, and failed very badly,” Roxy said.

“I asked him for coffee, and he was interested to say the least.

“I have about seven men I caught.”

The adult content creator received a mixed and divided response from TikTok users over her revenge tactics.

“Think that at this point you’ve gone too far and karma will come for you next,” one commenter said.

“You are just the right amount of psycho and I love it,” said another.

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