Olivia Rodrigo electrifies during her first concert in Atlanta

She played all the songs from “Sour” as well as covers of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” and No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” — another nod to her rock influences. (“I just think she’s the coolest,” Rodrigo said of Lavigne.) For those who know Rodrigo from the Disney+ show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” she also offered fans a rendition of “All I Want,” a song she wrote for the show.

Although a young and relatively new artist, Rodrigo has years of experience in the scene; that onstage comfort was on display as she interacted with the crowd, at one point donning a pink cowboy hat given to her and taking a selfie video on a fan’s phone before flashing it back to the audience during “Deja Vu”. ”

Much of Rodrigo’s fan base is made up of young women his own age who relate to his ability to tap into feelings of teenage angst and romantic angst. While the crowd at the Roxy was made up mostly of young women, many had parents with them in the crowd, though more adults mingled in the lobby or bar. (I also spotted at least five people who were FaceTiming friends during the concert.)

Before almost every song, Rodrigo talked about his inspiration for writing it, which in many cases came down to heartbreak or the thought that you weren’t enough for a partner. The whole show wasn’t loud rock: Rodrigo performed a few songs alone on stage with just a microphone and a guitar.

“Driver’s License,” which Rodrigo performed on a shimmering piano under a disco ball, felt slightly out of place in third place on the setlist, compared to the high-energy opener that featured the brash pop-punk “Brutal” and “Jealousy”. , Jealousy.” The power ballad that launched Rodrigo’s pop career may have resonated closer to the end of his set, or after a slower part of the show.

The big catharsis was “Good 4 U,” the closest thing to the show and a catchy pop-rock song inspired by late ’90s and early ’00s instrumentation. As thousands of fans screamed for the premiere times every word in a live setting, it was clear that if Rodrigo’s momentum continues, the next time she returns to Atlanta, it will be in a much bigger venue.

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