North Bay dad launches online petition to bring fans to the stands at high school sporting events



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Dylan Allison has seen the success some parents have had for school boards to overturn their decision not to allow spectators to attend high school outdoor sporting events.

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Now he hopes to get the same result in North Bay.

Allison has started a petition, “Allow Spectators to Play School Sports in North Bay,” which calls on the four area school boards to overturn their decision preventing parents and fans from watching outdoor high school sports like football and football.

“Other councils in the province allow spectators, we have to follow suit. Outdoor sports, arena sports and even limited capacity in gymnasium sports. Let’s reverse this stupid rule and remind council that there is an election this summer, ”Allison said on her petition page.

In less than two hours, nearly 130 people had signed the petition.

Allison told The Nugget he started the petition after hearing that a similar idea changed the position of a school board south of North Bay.

“Our children have suffered so much over the past 20 months and they are finally starting to see some normalcy, but sports, especially outdoor sports, are closed to spectators, especially after a summer of football, baseball and golf. football with spectators, and no. incidents, it’s ridiculous, ”he said.

“We even have indoor hockey with spectators, but not at school?” What does the board know that healthcare professionals don’t? I just hope they see it, and realize they’re wrong, and if they don’t, well, it’s election year for the board. . . Next year.”

The election is October 4, 2022.

While North Bay school boards are refusing to allow spectators, other school boards in the province, such as Sudbury, have granted up to 75% of outdoor capacity.

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Other boards that initially refused to have fans in the stands changed their stance following an online petition that garnered more than 2,700 signatures.

The petition said rules prohibiting fans from attending outdoor events made no sense as the province now allows spectators to attend outdoor sports games like the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays can now count 30,000 fans in the stands.

The province has increased capacity levels that allow local venues like Memorial Gardens to admit 2,000 fans in battalion home games.

The province also allows visitors to attend a high school sporting event, provided they follow the appropriate COVID-19 protocols.

According to provincial health, safety and operating guidelines for schools 2021-2022, all visitors to a school are required to self-test and wear a medical mask (e.g. surgical / procedural) when they are on school premises. A medical mask will be provided by the school if necessary.

“In addition to the requirement for visitors to self-test daily, school boards should have a process in place to confirm the daily self-testing of all visitors before or upon arrival at school. “

The Niagara District School Board overturned its decision this week to allow fans to attend outdoor football games.

The tips ask fans to follow the proper COVID-19 etiquette while enjoying the game.

The North Bay Parry Sound Catholic District School Board said it would follow provincial guidelines regarding these new capacity limits.

The Education Ministry has previously said the goal is to get back to as safe as possible as normal conditions.

The Nugget is awaiting a response from the Near North District School Board and the Nipissing Parry Sound Catholic District School Board.

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