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The dive bar long known as a stopping place to catch a show at the Black Sheep is now another place to see a show.

Vultures, a restaurant, dive bar and concert hall, is slated to open this week at 2100 E. Platte Ave., formerly the site of the Angry Pirate Bar and a short walk from the Black Sheep.

It’s handy for Geoff Brent, owner of The Black Sheep and co-owner of Vultures. He teams up with Mike and Aspen Nipp, the husband and wife team who are used to building beloved dive bars. They co-founded The Burrowing Owl, the vegan restaurant and bar on Eighth Street.

“(We do this) because we believe in our neighborhood,” Brent said. “And we wanted to provide people with a great place to party before and after the show, as well as to get closer to a quality dining option.”

The three owners are familiar faces of the Colorado Springs scene and have been friends for over 20 years. For most of that time, Brent and Mike Nipp performed together in various groups.

Now they are joining forces to launch the new concert hall in Colorado Springs. Brent describes Vultures as an intimate space with a gentle environment. It has a small stage and a capacity of 150 people, much less than the neighboring room with 450 seats.

For The Black Sheep’s little sister, Brent wanted a place to host emerging bands to ‘give them roots in the city’ with the goal of growing up enough to play in a larger venue, aka The Black Sheep, in the city. ‘to come up.

Brent, who also hosts shows for venues in Denver, sees this as a way to strengthen “the pipeline” between Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. Its goal is to make it a routine for bands based elsewhere in the state to build a fan base here.

Unlike The Black Sheep, with a busy schedule of over 20 shows per month, Vultures won’t be the perfect place to see live music on any given night. Brent said they will focus on quality over quantity.

“If a band is playing there, at least one person on our team is really excited about it. It’s an opportunity that you don’t necessarily get in a suitable place like The Black Sheep where it’s kind of a catch-all, ”he said. “I want him to feel organized.”

Don’t expect typical food from the dive bar either. The menu will initially include charcuterie boards, panini sandwiches, salads and soups, as well as vegan options. The drink menu will be a mix of inexpensive beers, wines and fine cocktails.

Even when there is no show, the vultures will feel like a music-themed hangout with walls covered with flyers or posters from past shows in Colorado Springs.

Previously, the Angry Pirate Bar billed itself as a “concert pre-match headquarters” for spectators and musicians. One wall was covered with autographs of bands playing The Black Sheep.

As Vultures, the bar next door will have its time in the spotlight. The venue’s first show is scheduled for Saturday and will feature Laney Lou and Bird Dogs, an American band based in Bozeman, Mt.


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