“My staging will be different from my concerts”

She is one of the favorites of Benidorm Fest in Spain. And on Tuesday, Rigoberta Bandini did his first rehearsal on stage with his band: Belén, Esteban, Juan and… someone else?

Paula Ribó, that’s Rigoberta’s real name, had her first technical rehearsal of “Ay Mamá” earlier this morning. In a short video, she tells us what she feels.

Scheduled to play fifth in the second semi-final of Benidorm Fest on Thursday, Rigoberta Bandini is in love with the scene: “It was so moving, everything is incredible.”

There were doubts about his performance. A few days ago it was published that she would have a giant breast on stage. As you can read in our translation of the lyrics, “Ay Mamá” deals with the issue of the stigmatization of female bodies. “I don’t know why so many people are afraid of our boobs,” she sings.

In a tweet, she joked about it: “The breast will be so big that I will have to play from my house because I will not go on stage”. Now she knows her own boobs will be on stage, but “we’ll see” about the rest.

Previous doubts about “Ay mamá”

Rigoberta wrote this song eight years ago, before becoming a mother herself. When she started working on the song, she felt “there was something there”. “It made me cry, I knew there was something so I dug like a dog until I found it.”

Even though the process was “difficult” because of the short timing, in the end the song convinced her “100%”.

“At first, I liked the demo, but I wasn’t in love with it. I thought I’d back out if by the deadline I wasn’t convinced, but by the time I had to submit the final version, I loved it,” she explains.

The impact of “Ay mamá”

“Ay Mamá” is one of the songs with the greatest impact of all Benidorm Fest. It reached number 38 on Spotify Global’s Viral 50 and has logged over three million streams on the platform.

“I have the impression that we have already won,” she explains. She also has “dizziness” in the face of Eurovision: “If Benidorm Fest already meant a lot of changes, Eurovision is going to be crazy”.

As we have already told you, “Ay Mamá” is becoming a hit in Spain. So far it has been featured in the show Rocío de Telecinco and Sálvame.

What do you think of “Ay Mamá”? Is Rigoberta Bandini your favorite? Should she sing at Eurovision 2022? Let us know in the comment section below!

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