More Leaked Images Allegedly From ‘Silent Hill 2’ Remake And ‘Silent Hill: Sakura’ Appear Online

After jostling the exit of Darkwood once before, developers Dillon Rogers & David Szymanski and publisher New Blood Interactive decided to do it again. Only this time they pushed back the Early Access version to today!

Yes, before its announced launch on September 6, Darkwood was released today on Steam as a Labor Day treat. In fact, you can get the Victorian Survival Horror shooter for 10% off right now. until September 12.

Inspired by the classic stealth action game Thief, Darkwood sees you trapped in a Victorian town consumed by an ancient curse. You must rely on stealth, your wits, and your array of weapons to survive. Armed with your canesword, six-shot revolver and more, you’ll stay in the shadows as you navigate the city. Just like his inspiration, Darkwood uses a stealth and sound system that tracks your light visibility and spreads sound across the world, so tread lightly.

Darkwood offers deep player interactivity. You’ll lean around corners to listen to your enemies, peek through cracks in doors, check for bullets in your guns, and cling to ledges. And you’ll have plenty of items at your disposal to distract your enemies. The city is full of objects to pick up, throw, climb, break and use to your advantage.

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