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BILOXI, Miss (AP) – Are you a Dorothy, Blanche, Rose or Sophia?

The Fly Llama Brewery in Biloxi pays homage to iconic characters from the ‘Golden Girls’ TV show with a batch of limited edition cheese beers.

Owner and brewmaster David Reese, a self-proclaimed “big fan” of the show, offered to create a mixed four-pack, with a different beer for each of the four women running the show. Cheesecake is such a beloved 1980s sitcom motif that a 17-minute YouTube video titled “Best Cheesecake Moments on Golden Girls” has over a million views.

“We all laughed, thinking it was just a crazy idea,” Reese said. “The more I thought about it, the more I thought, why can’t we do it?” Well, we’re almost there.

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The four-pack will be released on December 18, with a Christmas party at the brewery. The four flavors of cheesecake are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, passion fruit, and pineapple mango.

These beers represent Fly Llama’s first foray into cheesecake, but they’ve brewed royal cake and carrot cake beers before. A few other breweries in the United States make cheesecake beers, but it’s not very common. Reese had never tried one until Fly Llama first brewed it.

It took about nine months to get the flavors right, Reese said.

“We love to deconstruct flavors and rebuild,” he said. “What are the flavors you get and how do we put them back into a beer? “

Some experiments don’t quite work. “Golden Girl” Blanche Devereaux was from Georgia, so Reese had hoped to create a peach beer in her honor. But he wasn’t happy with the way the peach had fermented, so instead she got raspberry passion fruit.

Reese plans to limit the supply of beers. On the one hand, production is complicated by a national shortage of cream cheese.

“We kind of found a niche with these cheesecake beers,” he said. “They won’t be leaving, but I want them to stay special.”

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