Meet the 49ers fan who donned glasses during Sunday’s storm



Highlights for the San Francisco 49ers in their 30-18 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday have been few and far between. Off the pitch, however, a fan’s outfit proved so entertaining that it garnered serious national attention.

In the third quarter of “Sunday Night Football”, the match was broadcast on a Niners fan in the crowd who braved the bleak elements brought on by an atmospheric river and wore only a swimming cap and a pair of swimming goggles. Apparently all sports media have reposted a screenshot of the outfit.

The fan in question is 16-year-old Connor Parish. Her father, Dan Parish, told SFGATE that not only was the outfit entirely her child’s idea, but it was originally supposed to feature a snorkeling helmet and pool noodles, the latter of which vetoed by Parish. The Parish store verified in Connor’s name had no snorkeling gear – mid-October tends to be a bad time to find tropical clothing – so the Michael Phelps look was chosen instead.

Connor didn’t walk into Levi’s stadium shirtless with glasses on, so the question became when would be the best time to put on his costume. Dan suggested during the next downpour, which happened in the second half, just as he was going to get food for his family.

“I went downstairs and he was fully dressed, shirtless, ready to party,” Parish said with a laugh.

Part of what made the pictures so funny was the annoyed expression of the girl sitting next to the shirtless Niners fan, who some thought might be an annoyed significant other. It was actually the 12-year-old daughter of a family friend who was attending her first game, and her annoyance was not about Connor, but rather the bad weather conditions.

Shortly after Connor changed his outfit, text messages started coming in from friends and family who saw him on TV and on Twitter. People in the stands also saw the photos on social media and approached the 16-year-old to ask for a photo. Connor’s paparazzi moment continued in the parking lot even after the Niners were defeated, as he was very obviously the only shirtless person around.

Over and over again, for every selfie request, people asked Connor if he was cold. Parish remembers his son’s response: “I’m cool. I’m fine!”

“He’s kind of an animal when it comes to the cold,” Parish added.

It wasn’t Connor’s first foray to show up at a Niners game. In 2019, he and his father painted their faces red and gold and were decked out in full team gear for Super Bowl LIV. In January 2020, Connor reportedly rocked a new 49ers gold chain that apparently caught the attention of Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who wore it for photos with fans, signed it and returned it to the kid, Parish said.

Parish and Connor were fortunate enough to see both a Super Bowl and a World Series live, in person. Niners-Colts was, quite clearly, a dud on those games – but strangely enough, it could have been more fun for both dad and son.

“It’s a very memorable experience even though they lost,” Parish laughs again. “Damn, we will remember this game for a long time. “

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