‘Mean Girls’ marks the return of Broadway productions to Popejoy Hall

“The story is quite similar to the movie,” said Nadina Hassan, who plays Regina George in the musical. “He’s following the same trajectory but seeing him on stage is just different.”

For those die-hard fans: yes, they keep a lot of the iconic lines in the stage production.

Everyone knows the classics – “She doesn’t even go here”, “It’s so beautiful”, “You can’t sit with us”.

Now, with a new cast touring the country, Hassan is taking on the role of the ultimate Mean Girl – Regina George.

“So you play the iconic Regina George character – I know it’s not Wednesday but I was wearing pink anyway, so how does it feel to play a character that so many people know and love.” or really despise? “

“I was such a fan of the film,” Hassan said. “I didn’t identify with her because I’m sure not a lot of people identified with her, but that makes the game all the more fun because you can kind of go on the other spectrum of who you are. are as a person. It’s so much fun. “

Hassan says she couldn’t ask for a better show to perform as the theater makes a comeback.

“I can’t wait. It’s just the best feeling to open the show in a new city,” Hassan said. That feeling of adrenaline in a new place, with a new audience and everything, is really, really exciting. ”

Mean Girls will occupy Popejoy Hall from December 7 to 12. For more information, Click here.

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