Manningcast audience rebounds slightly – ProFootballTalk

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The highlight of the Manningcast came three weeks ago, when the Chiefs hosted the Giants. On average, 1.96 million people watched this game via the alternative stream.

When the Giants visited the Buccaneers last night, the audience fell to 1.575 million. That was a slight increase from last week’s average crowd of 1.554 million for the Rams-49ers.

Taking into account the full audience of 12 million people across all platforms, the Manningcast accounted for 13.1% of the total audience for the Week 11 game. Since the Bucs blew up the Giants, it It is possible that more people have switched from main to secondary feeding.

While the Peyton and Eli show was well received by the media, it still doesn’t take up much of the mainstream airing. Simultaneous streaming is great fun; However, the game sometimes becomes an afterthought, especially when guests join in the conversation.

Here is the real question. Does the cost justify the benefit? To find out, we would need to know how much they pay the Mannings.

Our guess? A lot. Considering that most if not all of the 1.575 million people who watched ESPN2 last night would have watched the game on ESPN, it’s fair to wonder if bean counters think the beans that come out trump the beans. who enter.

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