Make your social media platform attractive to target the right audience



Social media platforms differ in how they work and how they look.

Therefore, it is really important to make sure that their aesthetic is in place in order to attract more leads, increase sales, and get the message across to the target audience in the right way.

To make sure your social media page is in the right format and in the right order, this guide can help you:

Inspire you

Each social media platform can weave a different story depending on the aesthetic you want to present. So make sure you get inspiration from the right sources and the right social media platform for your brand. Pinterest and Instagram are more image-driven, while content on Twitter is all about crisp tweets. Likewise, Facebook is all about combining trendy content with featured articles and stories. So be sure to use all the trending platform specific updates and features to draw and implement your inspiration.

Create content

Conceptualize a board for yourself and start pinning the content you like. It can include photos, videos, Gifs, carousels, and more that reflect your brand’s aesthetic and help you weave the story you want to portray in the right format. If you do decide to use a template, be sure to choose one that matches your vision, sensitivity, and covers your competitive strategy. Also pay attention to the description, content and information of the products you plan to showcase.

Produce and publish

While content planning may seem difficult, content production can be even more tedious. Make sure to use original social media templates, unique formats, and different fonts. Innovate with design and present your page content with precision and perfection. You can shoot content, use Photoshop, try out models, or maybe combine free images from the internet to showcase what you like.

Define the timeline

Create a timeline to help you remember when you want to post or when you want your content done. A timeline is like a timeline for your content. You can create a simple timeline in your notes or phone calendar to stay on top of things. This will ensure that you know what to post and when so you don’t get lost in the middle of the content. Plus, keep an eye out for trending and topical posts, events or updates so you can integrate them into your social media content to showcase an aesthetic you love!


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