Lizzo shows off her ass after being trolled on Instagram Live, tells Haters: “Kiss My A ** B *** h!”


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Arik McArthur

Lizzo don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about them!

The “Truth Hurts” crooner took to Instagram this week where she laid bare everything in front of his fans and haters following a few disheartening comments, and when we say “all naked” we mean she literally showed her whole ass (pun intended!)

“Kiss my fucking asshole!” Lizzo yelled at a few haters in Instagram’s live chat. “Just for that, you can kiss my whole ass again,” she said, pulling down her pants revealing her voluptuous assets. The singer then pulled her butt closer to the camera to take a good look and added, “Kiss my bitch ass!” Kiss my ass eh ‘like she started a storm.

Watch the video below provided by HisOnSite.

It’s unclear what the social media troll said that forced the star to open her booty live on camera, but elsewhere in Lizzo’s daring and hilarious Instagram live session, the Houston native rocked her tail feather to Adele’s latest single “Easy On Me.”

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Some fans weren’t too happy with the 33-year-old Booty Meat’s antics. One user on Instagram commented:

“I cannot continue to defend her,” while another person replied, “It’s disturbing.” A third user wrote: “She reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who went out of her way to create drama and then cry and act as a victim.”


In August, Lizzo had a complete collapse on Instagram live after the release of her single “Rumors” alongside Cardi B. The singer expressed in tears that she was fed up with criticism shaming her and throwing painful comments.

“For the most part, it doesn’t hurt me. I don’t care, ”Lizzo explained at the time. “I just think when I work this hard my tolerance goes down, my patience is weaker, I’m more sensitive and it hits me.”

Stars like TI and Demi Lavato rushed to defend the singer from online bullies, citing that she was brave to love her curves high and hard. Lizzo has become a beacon for the body positivity movement over the past few years, but do you think it sets a good example for its followers? Tell us below.

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