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The Netherlands will host the UEFA Futsal EURO from January 19 to February 6, 2022, the first since the transition from the biennial 12-team tournament to a 16-nation final held every four years.

The draw, broadcast live at 6:00 p.m. CET on Monday, October 18 at the KNVB Zeist campus, will divide the hosts and 15 potential qualifiers into four groups of four. The group stage will be played at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam and MartiniPlaza, Groningen, with the knockout stage at Ziggo Dome.

Qualified to date

Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Finland, Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands (host), Poland, Portugal (start), Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine, 1 to be confirmed from the jump-off

Dam (November 14 to 17)

Serbia vs Belarus

Netherlands 2022: all you need to know

Draw procedure

The teams are ranked according to the UEFA senior men’s futsal national team coefficient ranking, with the play-off winner taking the ranking of the competitor with the highest coefficient, Serbia.

There are four pots: Pot 1 made up of the four teams with the best classification coefficients including Portugal, holder; Pot 2 with the next four teams (including the winners of the play-offs) and so on.

The teams are drawn into the groups in alphabetical order of groups A to D, and the positions in the group (1, 2, 3, 4) are also drawn.

The hosts, the Netherlands, are not drawn but are placed in position A1. As they are seeded in pot 4 (which will be drawn first), the other three teams in this pot will be drawn into groups B, C and D. Pot 3 is drawn next, then pot 2 and finally pot 1.

Based on the decisions taken by the UEFA Emergency Panel, Russia and Ukraine cannot be drawn in the same group. If Ukraine (Pot 3) is drawn in Groups A or B, Russia (Pot 1) cannot be allocated to these groups and if one of them is drawn, it will be placed in Group C. If Ukraine is drawn into Groups C and D, Russia cannot be allocated to these groups and Pot B must remain open for them if they are not drawn first or second in their pot.

Best of Futsal EURO 2018

Seedling pots

Pot 1
Portugal (holders)

Pot 2
Serbia / Belarus

Jar 3
Bosnia herzegovina

Pot 4
Netherlands (host, placed in position 1 of group A)

  • Portugal are reigning champions while Spain (7), Italy (2) and Russia (1) are also former champions. Portugal also won the recent FIFA Futsal World Cup in Lithuania.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia and Slovakia make their debut in the final.

Provisional timetable

The top two in each group will advance to the knockout phase starting with the quarter-finals. The schedule below is provisional; the final schedule will be confirmed after the draw.

Group stage

wednesday january 19
A2 against A4 & Netherlands against A3 (Amsterdam)
Thursday, January 20
B2 against B4 & B1 against B3 (Groningen)
Friday January 21
C2 against C4 & C1 against C3 (Amsterdam)
saturday 22 january
D2 vs D4 & D1 vs D3 (Groningen)
Sunday 23 January
A2 against A3 & A4 against Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Monday January 24
B2 against B3 & B4 against B1 (Groningen)
Tuesday 25 January
C2 against C3 & C4 against C1 (Amsterdam)
wednesday 26 january
D2 vs D3 & D4 vs D1 (Groningen)
friday 28 january
B3 against B4 & Netherlands against A2 (Amsterdam)
B1 against B2 & A3 against A4 (Groningen)
saturday 29 january
C1 against C2 & D3 against D4 (Amsterdam)
C3 against C4 & D1 against D2 (Groningen)


monday 31 january
QF1: Winners Group B vs Finalists Group A (Amsterdam)
QF2: Winners Group A vs Finalists Group B (Amsterdam)
Tuesday February 1
QF3: Winners Group C vs Finalists Group D (Amsterdam)
QF4: Winners Group D vs Finalists Group C (Amsterdam)

Semi finals

Friday 4 February
SF1: Winners QF2 vs Winners QF4 (Amsterdam)
SF2: Winners QF1 vs Winners QF3 (Amsterdam)

Match for final / third place

Sunday 6 February
Third Place Match: Losers SF1 vs Losers SF2 (Amsterdam)
Final: Winners SF1 vs Winners SF2 (Amsterdam)


Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam: Group stage, KO

The 10,500-seat arena opened in 2012 and, in addition to hosting major indoor sports, it is a premier concert hall.

MartiniPlaza, Groningen: group stage

The 3,900-seat arena opened in 1989 and was expanded in 2000. It has hosted major tennis and basketball events as well as concerts and exhibitions. It is the home of Donar’s basketball team.


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