Little Amal in Sheffield: A symbolic puppet of a refugee girl dances with a cheering crowd in the city center



After traveling over 3,000 miles across Europe, the symbolic puppet of a young refugee was greeted by enthusiastic crowds on October 29 at Victoria Quays and outside Le Creuset.

The 3.5-meter-high cultural phenomenon arrived by barge at the water’s edge where she greeted the hundreds of residents who had come to welcome her.

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She was then the guest of honor at a welcome party outside of Le Creuset, where she danced with stringed performers in front of an amazed crowd. , laughed and waltzed across the courtyard to the delight of the participants.

The puppet has traveled over 3,000 miles across Europe

A beloved fan, Karima, said: “I have never seen anything like it. It’s so amazing to see here in the city center.

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“I thought it was amazing when she came out, but the dancers joined her and it all lit up. It was beautiful.”

The arrival of the traveling puppet was transformed into a day of family fun through the city center, supported by Sheffield Theaters, the City Council and local charities.

Little Amal meets the public at Victoria Quays in Sheffield

She is the icon of the traveling art exhibition, titled The Walk, and was designed to illustrate the story of young refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.

She has traveled over 3,100 miles to be in Sheffield today, and her travels have taken her to Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France.

During the performance in front of the Crucible, Amal – whose name means “hope” in Arabic – played hide and seek with a troop of larger than life animals created by Patrick Amber.

She then joined a huge crowd of fans at Peace Gardens for a finale, where she conducted a marching band and watched a collaboration of videos from local artists screened on Town Hall.

Little Amal was also the guest of honor at a welcome party outside Le Creuset.

Sheffield was one of Little Amal’s last stops on her trip. She will make a pit stop at Barnsley before concluding her 14-week traveling theater tour in Manchester.

There she will begin her visit to Trencherfield Mill at 3 p.m. on Sunday 31 October, before visiting Rochdale on Tuesday 2 November and Manchester city center on Wednesday 3 November.

The Manchester International Festival will host the final event of The Walk.

The puppet was brought to the city by the Canal and River Trust


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