Lindsay Arnold Announces She Won’t Return to ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 31: ‘One of the Hardest Decisions to Make’

Dancing with the stars loses a series staple right before its Disney+ debut. Nearly a decade after first joining choreography, Lindsay Arnold is walking away from season 31 of the hit dance competition show in what she describes as “one of the hardest decisions to take”.

In a long Instagram Publishwhich she began by pointing out that “This show changed my life forever and will always mean the world to me”, Arnold explained that his decision to leave DWTS depended on logistics. The dancer, who has a young daughter, told fans she would have to move herself and her daughter, Sage, to Los Angeles to film, leaving behind her husband, who works full-time in their home state. , Utah.

“We exhausted every option we could think of to make this work, but at the end of the day, none of the options felt right to me in my heart or felt like the right thing for our lives right now,” a- she said, adding that they are also currently trying to expand their family.

Arnold explained the decision had nothing to do with her love for the show before saying it didn’t necessarily mean it was the end for her and DWTS. She said that even though “the decision was so difficult to make”, she felt “so at peace”.

Arnold first appeared in season 16 of DWTS as a professional dancer – the second youngest professional dancer on the show after Julianne Hough. From season 17 to season 20, she was part of the dance troupe before being promoted to professional again in season 21.

The dancer has done exceptionally well with her celebrity dance partners over the years, finishing in third place with NFL player Calvin Johnson Jr. during season 23, in second place with MLB wide receiver David Ross in season 24 and in first place with Hello, goodbye and everything else actor Jordan Fisher in season 25. More recently, she danced with The single person star Matt James, although they were eliminated in 12th place.

Although he decided to leave, Arnold said: “I can’t wait to watch this next season of DWTS and see all my friends dancing, I’m going to be the biggest fan girl!

Dancing with the stars Season 31 premieres September 19 on Disney+.

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