Latest Titans renders show misshapen people, misshapen concert stages – Field of Schemes

I know we been through kinda kinda bland Tennessee Titans Stadium renders two weeks ago, but now the Tennessean has more, and that’s why I’m here:

So, let’s see, what do we have here? There are a bunch of young people eating and drinking…or, well, sitting and standing near food and drink, anyway. There is a man with feet half the length of his arms, and another man sitting on an extremely high stool who has somehow wrapped his feet around a table facing away from the usual direction of the feet, and a woman wearing striped pants whose torso doesn’t seem to line up standing with her legs. At least they’re clearly football fans, because, uh, they’re Americans, and Americans love football? At least the sun is somehow in the right place to cast those shadows, I have to be grateful for the little favors.

We go from an extreme close-up of nothing in particular to an extreme distance shot of, well, it looks like some kind of concert, if concert stages were set up in the middle of a stadium pitch. Very occasionally a stadium show will be ‘in the round’, of course, but not very much – the closest example I can find is this Garth Brooks gig, which seemed to have given Brooks plenty of exercise trying to show his face to all four sides of the stage, if nothing else. Brooks also doesn’t look like he’s performing under a stage setup held aloft by magic spells or maybe an upsidaisium, but maybe that’s what the state of the art looks like. ‘art?

None of these images really scream “this is worth $1.2 billion in Tennessee taxpayer dollars”, since the first could be any outdoor patio anywhere, and the second would look the same in virtually any stage. But if you like sitting in tall, topologically improbable stools or seeing Garth Brooks, I guess it might make you ooh and ahh?

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