Keith Urban invites the Lower Broadway singer on stage in Nashville

Kayley Green usually spends her Friday nights singing covers on Lower Broadway.

But this week she traded her set at The Stage for something a little different: Singing with country hitmaker Keith Urban.

In a move showcasing a seemingly endless line of budding talent in Nashville, Urban invited Green onstage Friday for a two-song duet during his Bridgestone Arena headliner. For a 28-year-old South Carolina native who moved to Nashville nearly a decade ago, the moment meant everything.

“I know people [who] I played on the road for years and never played Bridgestone,” Green, a graduate of Belmont University, told the Tennessean. “It’s crazy. It’s crazy. This is the biggest call of my life.”

Urban recruited Green because at a time defined by TikTok trends and streaming success, he wanted to feature artists committed to paying sweat club dues — like he once did.

Keith Urban rehearses with aspiring country singer Kayley Green before a performance at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee.

“[That] That’s where I started,” Urban said backstage before the show on Friday. “I started playing five nights a week, four hours a night for over a decade and worked my way up. rungs to these places. It’s my tribe, the people who are sweating at the moment in the clubs.”

Why green? Her “incredible voice, and she’s ready to perform on this stage in front of everyone,” Urban said.

After saying “yes” to the concert a few days ago, Green immediately called her mother crying. Fourteen family members made last-minute travel plans to do the concert, she said.

And about five hours before the appearance, her pre-show jitters set in.

“After checking the sound and really watching everything, imagining lots of people, I feel better,” Green said, “but I’m definitely nervous. Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening.”

For his two-song cameo, Urban chose one track – the 2013 hit “We Were Us.” Green chose the other, electing a date from his time on Lower Broadway: Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.”

Don’t worry, the nerves haven’t slowed her down. Green capped off the classic McBride with plenty of approval from his first arena audience.

The only thing bigger than her smile on stage was her vocals which carried one of the standout moments of the night.

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