Katy Perry rocks the internet with penis-shaped dancers waving ‘eat me’ fans on ‘SNL’/LGBTQ Nation

Katy Perry performing “When I’m Gone” on “Saturday Night Live” alongside dancers dressed in mushrooms.Photo: Screenshot/NBC

Last night Saturday Night Live episode was hosted by Spider Man actor Willem Dafoe in his debut as a host, alongside singer and LGBTQ community advocate Katy Perry in his fifth appearance on the show.

Perry performed his latest single “When I’m Gone” for the first time with the song’s featured artist, Alesso, in addition to several background dancers – who wore mushroom costumes that made them look rather phallic.

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Whether intentional or not, the first half of Perry’s performance on SNL caught the attention of viewers – for one reason or another.

Perry eventually sat on (the knee of) one of the performing mushrooms. The dancers also flashed fans that read “EAT ME” throughout their performance, Who rolling stone reputed asAlice in Wonderland-ish.

For her second performance, Perry sang her 2019 song “Never Really Over” against a backdrop adorned with mushrooms, but not with the mushroom dancers next to her.

Regardless, his performance excited fans and created a lot of buzz.

Another part of the show that got buzz was former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, who made a surprise appearance on the show’s “Weekend Update” segment alongside Colin Jost.

Jost planned to ask Manning about the NFL playoffs last weekend and the rumored retirement of seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, but Manning was instead determined to talk — and break down — the Netflix series. Emily in Paris.

Manning said, “I had an hour to kill before the first game, so just for fun, I put on the first episode of Emily in Paris Season 2, and watched the whole season from one end. to another… Oh my god, Colin. This show has it all: romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, a new take on feminism, and finally, not to mention such a rich culinary tapestry, I could only call it “food porn”.

Cast member Aidy Bryant and Bowen Yang also appeared on “Weekend Update” alongside Michael Che, portraying “trend forecasters”.

They saw things like “male cleavage” and “doing the fucking dishes” as “hot” trends, while “movie posters as decor” and “Michael Che” were out.

Watch Perry’s performance of “When I’m Gone” with Alesso below.

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