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Justine Lupe doesn’t want to call fan theories of “Succession” crazy, as that would apparently confirm or deny their truth, but as part of the cast of the mega-popular HBO show, she has seen her fair share of ideas online.

“There’s one that I heard about that was a little weird is that Gerri is throwing everyone under, and I guess she has this relationship with this new guy and this new guy is going to help her.” to sort of tear down the business, which I was like, ‘oh, that’s wild. Wow, that would be a lot to get to know a new boyfriend that we’ve barely met, ”Lupe says. ““ We would have to cover a lot of territory. “

Lupe, who plays Conner’s girlfriend Willa, a struggling playwright, has been on the show since season one, but the current season, which ends today, was its first as a series regular. The experience has allowed him to be both a fan of the show and know when theories are absurd, with insider knowledge.

“It’s really fun to know what’s going on,” she said. “I watched the show, obviously, and I’m a fan of the show and the experience of watching is so different from the shooting that I feel like I’m just as carried away in it – but it was. really funny.”

For the most part, fans seem drawn to her character Willa, which is heartwarming – she’s quite a fan of Willa herself.

“I am very attached to Willa,” says Lupe. “I think it’s quite complex. I like the level of illusion she has, the level of pride she has. I like her trajectory, how she’s quite vulnerable last season with this piece going completely off the track. And I like his relentlessness to get back on the horse. In the episode where they pick the next president and she’s sitting there writing on her phone, I love that she’s kind of back in the saddle. And I like the zero f-ks level that she gives in terms of how she floated in this family and been the black sheep of the family and made her way into the family despite that, in part because that she doesn’t quite play into the power dynamic that is set for the rest of the family. She doesn’t play by quite the same rules, I would say. She seems a little spared by the same structure of which the rest of the siblings are part. “

Justine Lupé
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Lupe, originally from Denver, grew up performing at home with her brother, writing scenes, and casting her brother in various roles (“he was kind of a reluctant participant,” she jokes). From there, she auditioned for the Denver School of the Arts, which is a magnet program for children with interests through the arts, and she eventually found her way to Juilliard.

“There has been a lot of engagement in this regard,” she says. “It has been a long road. “

Lupe will move from Willa to “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” in two very different roles, and is also known for his roles in “Younger” and “Mr. Mercedes,” all with quite a bit of span between them. In “Maisel”, she is Midge’s sister-in-law, but due to the demands of “Succession” she was only able to shoot one episode. Her next big role, however, will be alongside Mila Kunis in the film adaptation of the hit book “The Luckiest Girl Alive,” which made comparisons to “The Girl on the Train” and “Gone Girl” at the time of. the publication.

“I started the process a little intimidated because we’re supposed to play best friends,” she says of her work alongside Kunis. “I was a little nervous because she is such a star and it might be a little difficult to create that intimate relationship, but it was incredibly fluid and she was so receptive to everything that was going on. very warm and it was like a very safe place for us to play with this dynamic of very close friendship.

Like “Succession,” the project featured the original writer on set Everyday (in this case, novelist Jessica Knoll).

“Both with ‘Succession’ and with ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ it’s pretty amazing to have the writer right there for every step. If you run into any obstacles in trying to figure out the character or figure out the scene or what is your function within the stage, there is no difficulty going through walls because you have someone who created it and who can help you get through everything, ”she said.“ It was. such a dream. “

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