Jack Harlow’s post prompts Cobb police officer’s internal review

Rapper Jack Harlow posted the clip to Instagram on Thursday showing the fan, a black woman, grabbed by the neck and pushed back by an officer from The Battery.

ATLANTA – Cobb County Police said early Friday morning they were conducting an internal review after a popular rapper posted a video to Instagram showing an officer grabbing a fan by the neck outside the concert hall Coca-Cola Roxy at The Battery.

The ministry did not identify the agent.

Rapper Jack Harlow performed a show at the Roxy on Tuesday, according to his tour dates. On Thursday, he posted the video showing the fan, a black woman, grabbed by the neck and pushed back by the officer,

The rapper called for the officer’s dismissal and wrote in his post, “I want this woman and all the black women who support me to know this – I’m so sorry.”

In a statement, Cobb County Police said the department “takes all allegations of officer misconduct very seriously.” Cobb Police said they were “aware of the clip posted on Instagram involving our officer and a young woman outside Coca-Cola Roxy.”

“The incident is undergoing an internal review to gain a full understanding of the incident as a whole before any potential action is taken,” Cobb Police said.

The 13-second video shows the woman and the officer in an apparent verbal argument before the officer grabs her neck with his left hand and pushes her away.

In a lengthy post, Harlow, 23, said the video “caught my eye a few hours ago.”

“When I looked at him I was disgusted with this cop and all I wanted to do was do something good for this girl immediately… I told the world to help me identify her so that I can find a way to hug her and give her as many tickets to as many shows as she wants. But it’s not enough and it’s not a solution to a systemic problem that people who don’t look like me have to face. The next step is to identify this policeman and put him out of work as quickly as possible, “he wrote.

The rapper added, “Assaulting a young woman and putting your hands on her neck is disgusting. I look into the crowd every night and see black women in the front row… shout my words, travel to see me, support me, ride for me. I want this woman, and all the black women who support me to know – I’m so sorry. I want you to be protected and I want this guy to lose his job so fuck it quick. I love you. Let’s find out. this officer.

The woman in the video does not appear to have been identified or put in contact with Harlow yet. Cobb County Police did not say whether they had filed a complaint following the incident.

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