Isabel Díaz Ayuso signs Terelu Campos to stop Telemadrid public bleeding

Terelu Campos He has been in different programs for years, both from Mediaset and Atresmedia or RTVE. Although now everyone identifies the firstborn of Fields of Marie-Thérèse with chain Paolo Vasili, we must not forget his passage Look who’s dancing in La 1 and especially for The Famous Farm, reality show glorious show that he presented in 2004, just after leaving Télémadrid, where he gained fame, thanks to With T for the afternoon, between 1997 and 2004.

The great news is that this 2022 the older sister of Carmen Borrego signs for the autonomy chain that she presides Isabelle Diaz Ayuso and returns to the channel that gave him so much joy. Let’s not forget that Ayuso must get along very well with Terelu’s mother because she suffered this kind of experience in which the great communicator interviewed her traveling by bus all over Madrid. Below, we can see Terelu, from the back, watching his mother board the bus where the Madrid presenter will be taken.

How did Terelu come to Telemadrid

It all started on January 17, when Terelu and María Patiño took charge Save me the lemon tea, a new space in the Endless Afternoon that Telecinco dedicates to Save me. The program’s low ratings led the producers of La Fábrica de la Tele to look for life-saving formulas and Terelu, co-hosting with Patiño, was one of them. It was perhaps an incentive for the public that Patiño and the daughter of María Teresa Campos starred in several confrontations on the sets. Both had no choice but to share the limelight, even if they did not have the compare what the channel wanted.

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This Save me of lemon tea was still a small step to regain the lost main role, yes, shared with a Patiño who already reigns alone on weekends in Worldly socialite.

But next Thursday, Terelu returns through the front door of Telemadrid, the regional network for all Madrid residents, now monopolized by the people of Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who have totally changed the direction of the company, putting aside the presenters usual and giving a total twist to the informative ones. A change that has so far led to a worrying drop in audience.

We’ll see if Terelu helps recover the good times of Telemadrid, where she triumphed in the office (above, in an image from the time) and where, according to her, the exclusive world of giving the name of the bride of Philip of Bourbon hours before the announcement of the engagement of Prince Felipe and journalist Letizia Ortiz (although the magazine What are you saying He already gave the name, first names, said he was divorced and even had statements from Letizia).

Terelu will be the presenter of the new program of the night, which will follow the one with interviews with Anne Igartiburu. Terelu and his peers will talk about the character previously interviewed by the Basque journalist. Alejandra Rubio’s mother started getting noticed on television in 1996 plugged by her mother in Day by day, the morning magazine hosted by the clan matriarch, with whom she co-presented.

Then she had the opportunity to be alone in Con T de Tarde and remove the stigma of having a job just because she was the daughter of María Teresa Campos. Terelu has interviewed personalities such as Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Rocío Carrasco.

From Telemadrid he continued to present La Granja, which reality show of Antena 3, in which a group of celebrities lived together in a rural setting. A kind of Big Brother, although with ecological connotations and even more vulgarity: the unforgettable scene of María Jesús Ruiz making love, literally, with Dani Dj, boyfriend of Belén Esteban, one of the most daring moments of open television in which the Miss born in Jaén, while he was in the middle of the task, he shouted: “How nice!”. Later, Terelu came to present some save me luxury instead of Jorge J. Vazquez who, Besides, he also presented La Granja de los Famosos in 2011.

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