I was happy to see another Warsaw program, the Tiger Volleyball team, evolve into the leadership of the top opposition to take regular season pieces inversely rewarding their program with current or future playoff success. playoffs.

I’ll use the quote from Connor McCann’s recent article on the IHSAA Class 4A Volleyball Championship match between Warsaw and Penn to illustrate why tougher competition is better than a deceptively impressive winning record. inflated by an inferior local and / or traditional non-conference. competetion.

Although the Tiger forwards fell to Penn’s hands, volleyball head coach Chandra Helper offered this enjoyable take-out.

“It’s bittersweet when you have such high hopes, but I plan our games to be as tough as possible, our schedule strength is on par with the best teams in the state,” Hepler said. . “We know Penn is our goalscorer and we have to improve throughout the season to be able to compete with them. But we’re going to shoot them down. “

This is how you do it. This is how you make a relatively reasonable six dollar admission and even better value than before.

The volleyball team headed to the playoffs with a winning record of 18-13, ending the season 20-14 after their loss in a league game.

Have Tiger fans had a season where a better-caliber opposing exchange for comparable wins in the previous year in shooting fish in a barrel increased the value of the admission? I guess even fans, friends, and families who hate losing to a passionate opponent will admit that they benefit from an improved level of competitive play.

It seems the only place to keep out-of-date volleyball opponents these days is in some Northern Lakes Conference (NLC) stock.

Good thing, Coach Hepler.

The same trend is evident in the Warsaw girls’ regular season athletics. The gerrymandering of their unimpressive sectional opposition is out of their control, in their defense. However, the Princess Relays (Mishawaka), Bulldog Invitational, and Relays (each one week apart in New Haven) and double encounters usually with Penn help them compete with someone in a different laundry every now and then. instead of most of their double conference meetups where their toughest competition happened at the party in matching outfits.


I just recalled a song, “Paris Original”, from the 1960 Broadway hit musical “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”. If you know, you know.

I’m back to the rails now.

No outdone head coach Matt Moore’s boys hoops programs have enough Duneland Athletic Conference (DAC) opponents worthy of winning the orange and black as an honorary DAC member.

The Tigers finished the regular season 15-7, but played enough top-notch programs with the DAC (Homestead, Leo, Carroll, Penn) to improve the value of the six dollar admission to Tiger Den. It will be interesting to see if local fans enjoy lifting attendance restrictions to watch increasingly competitive non-conference basketball this coming season.

The 2021-2022 Tippecanoe Valley Vikings, now relocated to Warsaw’s final home game in late February, have an athletic squad that is bringing back almost all of their key players from last year.

You’d expect me to hit the local rival whose four-year enrollment is less than two middle-class graduates in Warsaw, right? Well, my heart can’t completely soften. Thank you, Tiger Athletics, for not charging hoops fans six dollars to attend a game against Manchester or Triton.

Tiger football will have two DAC pre-conference opponents in 2022 and 2023: Michigan City (Class 5A placed tenth, 6-3), for the season opener, and Chesterton (class 6A 6-3) for the second. match. Each program competes well with Warsaw.

M-City hold a 2-1 advantage in their recent series renewal since 2019, and Chesterton fought until they had a fourth try in the red zone in the 2019 Section opener. Tigers, however, held on for a 35-28 victory in their first and still only section title season.

The opposition’s lineup to bolster the football agenda is even more evident in the scheduling of two-time IHSAA Class 6A champion Warren Central for 2024 and 2025.

The Warriors will replace the Chestertons in Game 2 of those two seasons. The future enemies are part of the Metropolitan Interschool Conference (MIC). Four MIC teams have been the only ones to win the IHSAA Class 6A State Soccer Championship trophy since the creation of the uber-klas for the Indiana prep grill in 2013.

It seems that the Warsaw Tiger sports programs are creating much appreciated value for their fans.