How to buy a ‘Suns in 4’ bobblehead, with charity proceeds



The viral video of him defending himself, then hitting an unruly Denver Nuggets fan and topping it off with a “Suns in 4” comment while raising four fingers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals transformed the fan of the Phoenix Suns Nick McKellar in a celebrity instant.

Of sudden fame, the first tickets came from representatives of Suns goalie Devin Booker, who landed McKellar inside the Phoenix Suns Arena for Game 1 of the Conference Finals. That night, some fans tagged free T-shirts featuring an image of McKellar making the video guarantee.

Now McKellar has a figure in his image, which fans can purchase online.

McKellar apparently partnered with a company called “Bobble Boss” to make 2,021 action figures, sculpted with his four-finger pose and packaged in collectable boxes. The seven-inch dolls are individually numbered and priced at $ 39.95, with $ 5 of each order going to the Boys & Girls Club of the Valley.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Andrew Hazen, founder and CEO of Bobble Boss, in an emailed statement. “We are also looking forward to raising funds for Nick’s chosen charity, the Boys & Girl Club of The Valley.”

Fans can order online at

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