Harry Styles Stadium show falls for football fans in Bogotá | Harry Styles

Rival Colombian football fans, more accustomed to hurling insults at each other on the terraces, have united against a common enemy: Harry Styles. At stake is what happens at the Bogotá football stadium on November 27: either the final of the Colombian football championship or the last leg of the British pop star’s world tour.

Styles were due to perform in the parking lot of an amusement park in the capital, but fans have launched a campaign on social media to have the concert moved after pop star Dua Lipa’s performance last weekend was plagued by logistical and technical problems.

Videos of Dua Lipa’s concert in the parking lot have gone viral as fans complained of crushing, poor sound and, ironically, a lack of parking. The show was mocked online because people outside could see and hear better than those with tickets.

Police forced people down from trees outside the site as organizers tried unsuccessfully to obscure the view with bin bags.

“We were really shocked to see the videos of the Dua Lipa concert, knowing that it is the same place and the same organizers as for Harry. It was a miracle that there was not a greater tragedy” “, says Leidy Escobar, who will take her daughter on the 24-hour journey to the capital from Pasto, a town near the Colombian-Ecuadorian border, to see Styles. “We have to change that because it’s not good for people. fans of Harry, but especially for him – all his talent and the great artist that he is.”

The sticking point is that the first leg of the Colombian soccer championship final is scheduled for the same day and the El Campín stadium is home to Bogotá’s two biggest soccer clubs, Millonarios and Independiente Santa Fé. The Millonarios have already qualified for the Round of 16 and their bitter rivals are still in contention.

Now, supporters of both teams – accustomed to clashing through chants on terraces – have joined forces to battle teenage fans and worried mothers on Twitter feeds and TikTok videos.

While football fans argue El Campín should be strictly for sport, Styles fans say the stadium should be for everyone. Online polls suggest ‘Stylers’ vastly outnumber football fans, and ardent Santa Fe supporter Luis Fernando Dueñas Bayona fears the money earned from the gig will persuade local authorities to force the clubs to play the final at the dilapidated 8,000-seat Techo Stadium. on the outskirts of the capital or in Tunja, about 120 km away in another province.

“Fuck Harry Styles,” says Dueñas Bayona. “It’s not fair for the clubs and the fans. The money will go to the promoter and the district of Bogotá but who cares about the football teams? Nobody. Just the fans.

Bogotá Mayor Claudia López has taken up the Stylers’ cause and asked the Colombian soccer league to reschedule games. But with the few large venues in Bogotá booked, there’s little wiggle room.

López’s office won’t comment on why she joined the #HarryAlCampin campaign and if she is a fan of Styles.

The event organizer is currently looking at alternative venues, the district’s Recreation and Sports Institute told the Observer.

International artists touring the Americas often skipped Colombia at the turn of the last century, when the Andean nation was infamous for drug gang violence, but have visited more frequently in recent years. Coldplay and strokes recently played capitaland Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses and the Killers are booked for the coming months.

Music fans in the country have frequently criticized the integrity of promoters, whom they accuse of cashing in on Colombians’ desperation to see their musical idols.

They claim Colombian concerts are poorly organized and say tickets often cost more than half the monthly minimum wage.

“When Harry Styles, the world’s greatest entertainer, plays in New York, he’s booked for 15 nights at Madison Square Garden,” said Juan Diego Pérez, a 19-year-old student and Styles fanatic from Bogotá. “When he comes to Colombia, they all push us into a parking lot!”

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