Gullak actor Geetanjali Kulkarni: OTT reintroduced me to the public | Web series

Actor Geetanjali Kulkarni is a household name in Marathi cinema and was even part of a National Award winning film, To research (2014). But it’s the OTT space, she says, that has given her a new identity.

“OTT reintroduced me to the audience. I did independent films before OTT came along, but the type of content presented by OTT is very different and reaches all over the world. Besides OTT platforms, there there are many other unique content spaces, for example, TV movies are now shown and give the theater a wider audience, many people who may not have understood my game Piya Behrupiya on stage actually watched it on an OTT,” says the actor, who has web projects such as Taj Mahal, Selection Day, Cobalt Blue, Uninterrupted: Naya Safar and three seasons of Gullak under his belt.

Talking about the benefits of digital platforms, Kulkarni shares that it’s about the sheer freedom to watch what we want.

“People can watch anything at any time because it gives viewers some freedom to choose their content from a wide variety. The long format allows creators to also give all characters a specific arc and story. C It’s a great time for artists, writers and directors, as they are able to reach audiences around the world with untold and untold stories,” she adds.

A project that has earned him accolades if Gullak. On the success of Gullak season 3, the actor feels nothing but gratitude.

“I’m enjoying it! Gullak is very dear to me because it was the first web series I did. So the love he receives is really overwhelming and fills me with joy,” she said.

As things have started to return to normal, with the pandemic not being as deadly as it used to be, Kulkarni is now looking to work more, especially in live theater.

“Except during the first and second lockdown, I was lucky enough to work constantly while observing pandemic protocols. Even Gullak was shot like this. I love acting and going to shoots during this time was a blessing, but I missed the theater and the energy of live performances. I’m also grateful that teleplays were screened during this time to keep the interest in theater alive. Things are getting back to normal and we can make some good shows again. live performances,” she concludes.

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