Grateful Mexico Patriots fan surprises Robert Kraft with Ironwood Lombardi Trophy


What do you give to someone who has everything? How do you express your gratitude to someone whose kindness has been the highlight of your year?

These are the questions Ian Bonson has asked himself throughout 2020. How could he show Robert Kraft how much a chance encounter and random act of generosity meant to him and his family?

Turns out the answer is a handcrafted Lombardi trophy made from Mexican ironwood. It’s a gorgeous and unique piece that Ian believes could capture how grateful he was for a December night, 2019.

Ian, who lives in Sonora, Mexico, flew to Boston with his boss to visit his sister, Mariela Bonson-Goldman, and see his beloved Patriots play at Gillette Stadium against Kansas City. Mariela got the idea to complete the trip by taking Ian to Tom Brady and Robert Kraft’s favorite restaurant in Brookline: La Morra.

While they are having dinner, Mr. Kraft is walking around.

Ian immediately recognized the Patriots owner and was reluctant to introduce himself and ask for a photo.

“He was so nervous that I said to him, ‘You know, what’s the worst that could happen, for him to say no? No, I don’t want a picture with you,” recalls Mariela. “If you’re able to take this, get up, and he stood up.”

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